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What Is Yandex Search?

What Is Yandex

Date First Published: 1st January 2023

Topic: Web Design & Development

Subtopic: Web Organisations

Article Type: Computer Terms & Definitions

Difficulty: Medium

Difficulty Level: 4/10

Learn more about what Yandex Search is in this article.

Yandex Search is a search engine owned and operated by Yandex, based in Russia. Yandex Search is the second largest search engine in Russia with a 39.6% market share in Russia compared to Google's 57.9% market share in June 2020. Yandex works like other search engines with a search bar, image search, video search, maps, and after performing a search, relevant content will appear. It uses a proprietary algorithm to deliver search results. According to LiveInternet, Yandex Search generated 51.2% of all of the search traffic in Russia in January 2015.

Features Of Yandex Search

Features of Yandex Search include:

  • 'Parallel' search that displays results from both the main index and information resources, such as news, blogs, shopping, images and videos on a single page.
  • Local search results in more than 1,400 cities.
  • Autocomplete which suggests queries as-you-type.
  • Antivirus that detects malware on webpages.
  • Wizard Answer, which provides additional information.
  • Translation from one language into another.
  • Live traffic maps.
  • Responsiveness to real-time queries, recognising when a query requires the most current information, such as breaking news.
  • Search hints, which appear as the user types the query in the search bar, in the form of a dropdown list.


Yandex indexes the following file types: html, pdf, rtf, doc, xls, ppt, docx, odt, odp, ods, odg, xlsx, pptx. It has 2 scanning bots, which are the 'main' and the 'fast'. The 'main' one is responsible for the whole internet and the 'fast' one is responsible for indexing sites with frequently changing and updating information, such as news sites. Yandex has supported the Sitemaps protocol since 2009.


The search engine was launched by CompTek on 23rd September 1997 at the Softool exhibition. The first index contained information on 5000 servers and occupied 4.5 GB. In the same year, the search for Yandex began to be used in the Russian version of Internet Explorer 4.0. In 1998, the function "find similar documents" appeared for each search result.

The name 'Yandex' comes from 'yet another indexer' to describe their search technologies.


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