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Topic: Web Design & Development

Below are all the articles of the web design & development topic.

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What Is An iFrame

What Is An iFrame?

Difficulty: Medium

An iframe, also known as an inline frame is used to load a separate webpage within a HTML document. It is supported by HTML5 and is included in the latest HTML5 specifications.

What Is Social Sharing

What Is Social Sharing?

Difficulty: Easy

Social sharing is the process of posting or reposting web content on a social media website to allow others to view and engage with it, increasing its reach and exposure.

What Are Media Queries

What Are Media Queries?

Difficulty: Medium

Media queries are a CSS functionality that allows different style rules to be defined based on the width and height of the viewport, orientation of the viewport, and screen resolution.

What Is Source Code

What Is Source Code?

Difficulty: Medium

Source code is a set of instructions, functions, and other statements written in a programming language used to make a website, app, or computer program work as intended.

What Is Hypertext

What Is Hypertext?

Difficulty: Medium

Hypertext is a text format that provides references (hyperlinks) to other text, allowing users to navigate from one page to another in a web browser.

What Is The HTML U Tag

What Is The HTML <u> Tag?

Difficulty: Medium

In HTML, the <u> tag is used to specify a section of text to be underlined. The text is styled differently from normal text to draw attention to it.

What Is The HTML Output Tag

What Is The HTML <output> Tag?

Difficulty: Medium

In HTML, the output tag is used to display the output of a calculation. Even though a fixed calculation can be written in plain text, it is harder to display more complex calculations.

What Is The HTML Mark Tag

What Is The HTML <time> Tag?

Difficulty: Medium

In HTML, the <time> tag is used to represent a time period. It is used to tell web browsers that the text is time-related and helps users with assistive technologies.

What Is The HTML Mark Tag

What Is The HTML <mark> Tag?

Difficulty: Medium

In HTML, the <mark> tag is used to define highlighted text. It was introduced in HTML 5 and is used to quickly make text of interest or relevance stand out to visitors.

What Is Web Publishing

What Is Web Publishing?

Difficulty: Easy

Web publishing, also known as online publishing, refers to the process of publishing content on the internet. This includes developing and uploading websites, updating webpages, and blogging.

What Is Viral Content

What Is Viral Content?

Difficulty: Easy

Viral content refers to content that has received a high level of awareness, popularity, and shares, within a short period of time and quickly spreads around the internet.

What Is A URL Slug

What Is A URL Slug?

Difficulty: Medium

A URL slug is the end part of the URL after the backslash that identifies the content of a webpage.

What Is A CMP

What Is A CMP?

Difficulty: Medium

Stands for a Consent Management Platform. A CMP is a technology used by websites to allow users to give their consent for websites to process their personal data using cookies or trackers.

What Is Content Syndication

What Is Content Syndication?

Difficulty: Medium

Password cracking is the process of attempting to discover the correct passwords stored on a computer or a network. This is usually accomplished by guessing the password.