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15 More Strange Websites On The Internet

15 More Strange Websites On The Internet

Date First Published: 5th June 2024

Topic: Web Design & Development

Subtopic: Web Development

Article Type: Computer Questions & Answers

Difficulty: Easy

Difficulty Level: 3/10

Learn about 15 more strange websites on the internet in this article.

There are quite a few strange and intriguing websites on the internet that keep drawing people in. Although some of them may serve a purpose, they often lack practical use and may make you wonder why someone would pay the domain and hosting fees each year to keep websites like that up, or why they ever existed in the first place. In this video, we will be exploring 15 more of the strangest websites on the internet so you can see the weirder side of the internet.



This website doesn't contain anything else apart from a visible RGB in large letters. If you hover over each letter, a robotic voice continuously pronounces it and lights up the background in that colour. The purpose of this website might be to teach the RGB colour model, but it cannot do much else than serve as a reminder of how basic this colour model is.

2. The Long Doge Challenge

The Long Doge Challenge

This website challenges your scrolling skills. As you scroll down, you will see the rest of the image whilst collecting 'wows'. There are different kinds of 'wows', and you can unlock them by hitting certain length milestones. The purpose of this website is to see how many 'wows' you can get by continuously scrolling down. Also, there is a statistic in the top left corner, showing you how many 'wows' you have collected and how long your dog is. At first, you may wonder why anyone would bother with it, but once you get started, it can be hard to stop scrolling down.

3. Paper Toilet

Paper Toilet

When you first visit this website, you will see a large roll of toilet paper fill your screen. Scrolling your cursor down causes the roll to unravel. Once it's all gone, you cannot refill it just by refreshing the page or clearing your cookies. You can only refill it by opening the page in an incognito window.

4. Find The Invisible Cow

Find The Invisible Cow

The purpose of this website is to find the hidden cow by listening to the clues. The clue is someone shouting cow gets louder when you are getting closer to it. It may sound confusing at first, but once you start, you will find yourself strongly determined to find it.

5. Can't Not Tweet This

Can't Not Tweet This

This is one of the strangest websites on the list that is solely designed to drive social media engagement. All this website does is display a Twitter post button on your cursor with text on the page that says "can't not tweet this". Clicking anywhere on the page will redirect you to your Twitter account and a post draft with the URL of this website. Despite having no content, this website has still received thousands of tweets.

6. Float Bounce

Float Bounce

Clicking anywhere on the page will add a coloured circle on the screen that will bounce around. The circles will bounce around and the background will slowly change colours. Clicking on a circle will make it disappear. We're not sure what the purpose of this website is, but it may provide some entertainment value.

7. Pointer Pointer

Pointer Pointer

If you place your cursor anywhere on the page, the background image will change to a random photo of someone pointing at it. Moving your cursor will shuffle another image, which will appear after a few seconds. You can move your cursor to any location and it will display a random image of someone pointing in the exact place it is on the screen.

8. Chris McKenzie

Chris McKenzie

On this website, the pink cube smiles and follows the direction of your cursor. You can move your cursor around the page and the pink cube will track where it moved. If you move your cursor off the page, it will frown and constantly look around until you move your cursor back.

9. Hacker Typer

Hacker Typer

Hacker Typer displays a command-line screen with green text. The only thing you have to do is type any keys and the green text will be generated. You can press the 'alt' and 'caps locks' keys 3 times to generate access granted and access denied messages. The fake code on the screen will make it look like as though you are trying to hack.

10. Passive Aggressive Password Machine

Passive Aggressive Password Machine

This password checker is mostly intended for fun. It takes a password for you and then throws passive-aggressive insults at you throughout the way. It only starts to stop insulting your password choices once you've entered more than 20 characters.

11. Cross Divisions

Cross Divisions

Cross Divisions contains randomly moving square gradients resembling dark rooms that change their shape and slowly flow. When you click on the screen, the gradient colour changes. Once you start looking at the moving gradients, it's easy to get stuck staring at it for a long time.

12. Procatinator


This website generates random gifs of cats in different funny and strange situations with some music. There are several types of cat gifs and different types of music. It doesn't show the same gif twice, so you will get to see a new gif every time.

13. That's The Finger

That's The Finger

This website relies on your cursor movement. If you move your cursor further up your screen, the hand will give the middle finger and the background colour will change to red. If you move it further down the screen, the other finger will show and display a grey background.

14. Amazon Dating

Amazon Dating

Amazon Dating has a very similar layout to Amazon. It imagines what Amazon would look like if it owned a dating site. Every person who's "for sale" on Amazon Dating comes with a price, delivery time, reviews, a bulleted description of hobbies, and even a drop down to choose how tall you want them to be. It is not a real website and does not allow you to buy anything. It was created for fun and won't sell other people. This is a strange website, but it's also a funny one.

15. Eel Slap

Eel Slap

Eel slap relies on your cursor movement. If you move your cursor, the eel's hand will slap a man on the screen. The quicker you move your mouse, the faster the eel slaps the man. Other than this, the website doesn't have anything else to offer.


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