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Subtopic: Threats To Systems, Data & Information

Articles about the threats to systems, data & information subtopic.

Threats To Systems, Data & Information 1
What Is A Data Breach

What Is A Data Breach?

Difficulty: Medium

A data breach is an intentional or unintentional exposure of confidential or sensitive information to unauthorised people.

What Is Password Cracking

What Is Password Cracking?

Difficulty: Medium

Password cracking is the process of attempting to discover the correct passwords stored on a computer or a network. This is usually accomplished by guessing the password.

What Is Credential Stuffing

What Is Credential Stuffing?

Difficulty: Medium

Credential stuffing is a type of cyberattack that happens after a user account has been compromised. It involves the attacker trying the same username and password combination on other websites and services.

What Is SQL Injection

What Is SQL Injection?

Difficulty: Advanced

SQL injection is a website vulnerability that allows an attacker to interfere with the SQL queries made to a database. It happens when a user is asked for...

Top 10 Scariest Facts About The Internet

Top 10 Scariest Facts About The Internet

Difficulty: Easy

The internet has become a very useful method of sharing files, resources, and other information with people all around the world. However, it is unfortunate that people also use it for malicious purposes.