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Subtopic: Network Identifiers

Articles about the types of unique addresses, names, and numbers that identify networks, servers, and hosts.

Network Identifiers
What Is TTL

What Is TTL?

Difficulty: Advanced

Stands for Time To Live. TTL is a value that specifies how long a packet of data or information should remain on a computer or network before being discarded.

Is It Possible To Get A Domain Name For Free?

Is It Possible To Get A Domain Name For Free?

Difficulty: Medium

A common question that comes up on web hosting forums is how to get a domain name for free. The answer is that getting...

What Is A Digital Footprint

What Is A Digital Footprint?

Difficulty: Medium

A digital footprint is the traces, trails, and records of activity and data an individual or organisation leaves behind whilst using the internet.

What Domain Registrars Are Available

What Domain Registrars Are Available? - Top 7 Domain Registrars

Difficulty: Medium

Your domain name is the web address that appears in the address bar of a web address (e.g. is the domain name of this website). You can buy a domain from a domain registrar.

How Long Should I Register My Domain Name For

How Long Should I Register My Domain Name For?

Difficulty: Medium

When you register a domain name, there is always an option to choose how long you want to register it. Domain names must be registered for a minimum of 1 year.

Can I Have A Website Without Buying A Domain Name?

Can I Have A Website Without Buying A Domain Name?

Difficulty: Medium

Some people wonder whether it is possible to create a website and make it live without having to buy a domain name. The answer to this question is that you...

What Is An FQDN

What Is An FQDN?

Difficulty: Medium

Also known as an absolute domain name, an FQDN stands for a Fully Qualified Domain Name and it describes a full alphanumeric domain...

What Is A Netmask

What Is A Subnet Mask?

Difficulty: Advanced

A netmask, also known as a subnet mask, is a 32-bit binary number that identifies the portion of IPv4 addresses that are availa...

What Is An SSID

What Is An SSID?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for a service set identifier, an SSID refers to the unique name of a wireless network that differentiates it from other n...

What Is A Zone File

What Is A Zone File?

Difficulty: Advanced

In DNS, a zone file, also known as a master file, is a text file that contains information about all the resources for a domain....

What Is A HTTP Status Code

What Is A HTTP Status Code?

Difficulty: Medium

A HTTP status code is a three-digit code that identifies the status of a HTTP request on the World Wide Web. For example, the H...

What Is A Domain Registry

What Is A Domain Registry?

Difficulty: Medium

A domain registry is a company that maintains a database of all domain names and associated registrant information. In the hire...

What Is An SLD

What Is An SLD?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for a second-level domain, an SLD, also known as a 2LD is the custom name that appears before the TLD, usually com, net,....

What Is A URL

What Is A URL?

Difficulty: Easy

Short for a uniform resource locator, a URL is the address of a webpage or file on the internet. It uniquely identifies the l...

What Is A Routing Table

What Is A Routing Table?

Difficulty: Advanced

A routing table is a set of rules where routing information is stored and viewed in a table format that acts as a map, where th...

What Is A Network Port

What Is A Network Port?

Difficulty: Medium

A network port is a unique 16-bit unsigned number that identifies a specific process or type of network service. Ports can rang...

What Is The Hosts File

What Is The Hosts File?

Difficulty: Medium

The hosts file is a text file stored on a local computer that translates domain names to IP addresses. On Windows, the hosts fi...

What Is Localhost

What Is Localhost?

Difficulty: Medium

Localhost refers to one's own computer or the current device. It is the default name used for having a local server on one's ...

What Is A MAC Address

What Is A MAC Address?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for a Media Access Control Address, a MAC address is a hardware identification number that allows each device on a networ...

What Is An IP Address

What Is An IP Address?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for internet protocol address, an IP address is a string of four unique numbers, separated by full stops that are assigne...

What Are Nameservers

What Are Nameservers?

Difficulty: Advanced

Nameservers, also known as NS are types of DNS records that help connect the domain name with the IP address of the website. Th...

What Is A Domain Registrant

What Is A Domain Registrant?

Difficulty: Medium

A domain registrant is a user or company that owns and conducted the registration of a certain domain name. Domain registrants....

What Is An Expired Domain

What Is An Expired Domain?

Difficulty: Medium

An expired domain refers to a domain name that has been registered by someone, but hasn't been renewed before its expiry date.....

What Is A Domain Registrar

What Is A Domain Registrar?

Difficulty: Medium

A domain registrar is a company that allows users to register domain names, which are URLs that are made up of alphanumeric let...

What Is A TLD

What Is A TLD?

Difficulty: Medium

A TLD is short for a top-level domain and it is the extension that appears at the end of the domain name after the dot, such as...

What Is A Subdomain

What Is A Subdomain?

Difficulty: Medium

A subdomain, also known as a child domain refers to a domain that is part of another domain, such as the address of this websi...

What Is A Premium Domain

What Is A Premium Domain?

Difficulty: Medium

A premium domain refers to a domain that is already owned by a registrant or an organisation, but is for sale and available for purchase, normally at a very high price, costing...

What Is A Parked Domain

What Is A Parked Domain?

Difficulty: Medium

A parked domain refers to a registered, but unused domain name that doesn't show any actual content and only shows advertisemen...

What Is Domain Squatting

What Is Domain Squatting?

Difficulty: Medium

Domain squatting, also known as cybersquatting is the act of registering a domain with the sole purpose of preventing another u...

What Is Typosquatting

What Is Typosquatting?

Difficulty: Medium

Typosquatting is the act of registering misspellings or typos of common domain names in the hope that a user mistypes the URL and visits the typosquatted website. Such domains could 'phish' for other people's details and try to trick them into entering...

What Is A Domain Name

What Is A Domain Name?

Difficulty: Medium

A domain name is an address that can be seen in the URL field of the web browser. Domain names have a custom name, usually the....