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Subtopic: Internet Protocols

Articles about the internet protocols which provide rules for transmitting data over a network.

Internet Protocols 1

What Is ONC/RPC?

Difficulty: Advanced

Stands for Open Network Computing Remote Procedure Call. ONC/RPC, also known as Sun RPC is a remote procedure call system that was originally developed by Sun Microsystems...

What Is PPP

What Is PPP?

Difficulty: Medium

Stands for Point-To-Point Protocol. PPP is a data link protocol used to directly transfer data between two nodes (points)...

What Is QUIC

What Is QUIC?

Difficulty: Advanced

QUIC stands for Quick UDP Internet Connections and it is a transport-layer protocol that was designed by Google on 12th October 2012...

What Is PTP

What Is PTP?

Difficulty: Advanced

PTP stands for Precision Time Protocol and it is an application-layer protocol used to synchronise clocks across computer networks...



Difficulty: Advanced

DNSSEC stands for Domain Name Security Extensions and it is a protocol that extends DNS by adding a layer of security to the DNS lookup...

What Is MGCP

What Is MGCP?

Difficulty: Advanced

Stands for Media Gateway Control Protocol, MGCP is a protocol used for signalling and call control communications in VoIP telecommunication...

What Is RTP

What Is RTP?

Difficulty: Medium

Real-time transport protocol (RTP) is a protocol used for delivering live media over the internet, such as audio, video playing...

What Is NDP

What Is NDP?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for Neighbour Discovery Protocol, NDP is a protocol used to map an IP address to a fixed 48-bit MAC address in a LAN. It...

What Is LDAP

What Is LDAP?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, LDAP is a protocol used for accessing directory information over the internet....

What Is OSPF

What Is OSPF?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for Open Shortest Path First, OSPF is a routing protocol used to determine the shortest and most efficient path from one...

What Is IRC

What Is IRC?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Internet Relay Chat, IRC is an application-layer protocol used for real-time chatting and instant messaging with user...

What Is IGMP

What Is IGMP?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for Internet Group Management Protocol, IGMP is a network-layer protocol that is used to establish multicast group member...

What Is The Address Resolution Protocol

What Is The Address Resolution Protocol?

Difficulty: Advanced

The Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), is a protocol used to map an IP address to a fixed MAC address in a LAN. ARP works by tr...

What Is DCCP

What Is DCCP?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for Datagram Congestion Control Protocol, DCCP is a transport-layer protocol that implements congestion control, feature...

What Is NTP

What Is NTP?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for Network Time Protocol, NTP is an application-layer protocol used for the synchronisation of computer clocks between m...

What Is SCTP

What Is SCTP?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for Stream Control Transmission Protocol, SCTP, also known as next-generation Transmission Control Protocol or TCPng, is...

What Is RTSP

What Is RTSP?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Real-Time Streaming Protocol, RTSP is a protocol used for controlling the delivery of real-time streaming media over...

What Is SMS

What Is SMS?

Difficulty: Easy

SMS stands for Short Message Service and it is one of the oldest technologies used for exchanging short text messages of up to...

What Is ECN

What Is ECN?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for Explicit Congestion Notification, ECN is an optional feature that is used for enabling end-to-end notification of net...

What Is NNTP

What Is NNTP?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for the Network News Transfer Protocol, NNTP is a protocol used for transferring Usenet articles, news, and files from one serv...