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Subtopic: Computer Hardware

Articles about the computer hardware subtopic.

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How To Learn More About Computers?

How To Learn More About Computers?

Difficulty: Easy

Over the years, usage of computer technology has grown a lot and the world has become more reliant on it.

What Is An Internal Hard Drive

What Is An Internal Hard Drive?

Difficulty: Medium

An internal hard drive is a type of hard drive located inside a computer case. It is a key component of a computer since it stores the operating system.

What Is Power Cycling

What Is Power Cycling?

Difficulty: Medium

Power cycling is the process of turning a device off and on again. It is a troubleshooting step used to fix a frozen or malfunctioning device.

What Is A Blu-Ray Disc

What Is A Blu-Ray Disc?

Difficulty: Medium

Blu-ray is an optical disc data storage format designed to supersede the DVD format. It is the same physical size as a CD or DVD, but offers more than...

What Is Optical Media

What Is Optical Media?

Difficulty: Medium

Optical media is a type of data storage that uses a laser to read and write data from a removable plastic disc.

What Is An Optical Drive

What Is An Optical Drive?

Difficulty: Medium

An optical drive is a disc drive that reads and writes from optical discs, such as CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays using a laser or visible light.

What Is A CD-ROM

What Is A CD-ROM?

Difficulty: Medium

A CD-ROM is a CD used as a read-only optical memory device. This type of CD can be read, but not written to by a computer with an optical drive.

What Is A Floppy Disk

What Is A Floppy Disk?

Difficulty: Medium

A floppy disk is a type of disk storage device capable of holding electronic data. They are made out of plastic or metal and can hold 100 KB to 1.44 MB of data.

What Is A Primary Storage Device

What Is A Primary Storage Device?

Difficulty: Medium

Primary storage is a type of data storage that is directly accessible by the CPU. It is smaller in size than secondary storage and is a key component of a computer for it to function.

What Is A Secondary Storage Device

What Is A Secondary Storage Device?

Difficulty: Medium

Secondary storage, also known as auxiliary storage, refers to non-volatile storage and long-term storage devices that are not always directly accessible by a computer.

What Is Storage Capacity

What Is Storage Capacity?

Difficulty: Medium

Storage capacity refers to the amount of data a storage device can hold. It is precisely measured in kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, and terabytes.

What Is A Video Card

What Is A Video Card?

Difficulty: Medium

A video card is a hardware component that sends graphical information to a display device, such as a monitor or projector. It processes data in the form of pixels, which make up images.

What Is A Heat Sink

What Is A Heat Sink?

Difficulty: Medium

A heat sink is a component that absorbs excessive or unwanted heat. It is made out of metal and is attached to the processor with a thermal material that draws the heat from away the processor towards the heat sink.

What Is Troubleshooting

What Is Troubleshooting?

Difficulty: Easy

Troubleshooting is the process of discovering and resolving problems with hardware, software, and other products.

What Is Bricking

What Is Bricking?

Difficulty: Medium

Bricking happens when an electronic device loses its functionality, making it unusable. This term comes from the fact that the electronic device is as useful as a brick.

What Is POST

What Is POST?

Difficulty: Medium

Stands for Power On Self Test. POST is a series of checks to ensure that all hardware is working properly before starting the boot process.

What Are System Resources

What Are System Resources?

Difficulty: Medium

System resources are physical or virtual components of a computer system that provide the capabilities and are used to perform tasks efficiently.

What Are System Requirements?

What Are System Requirements?

Difficulty: Easy

System requirements refer to a list of specifications a device must have in order to run software or hardware needed to perform tasks.

15 General Computer Tips For New Users

15 General Computer Tips For New Users

Difficulty: Easy

For new users, using a computer can sound hard at first, especially without much experience of using a computer. Below are 15 general computer tips for new users.

What Is Non-Volatile Memory

What Is Non-Volatile Memory?

Difficulty: Medium

Non-volatile memory is a type of memory that retains its data even after the power is turned off. This means that power is only required to read and write data, not to maintain the storage state.

What Is Volatile Memory

What Is Volatile Memory?

Difficulty: Medium

Volatile memory is a type of memory that only retains its data when the power is turned on. It erases its contents when the power is turned off or interrupted for any reason.

What Is A Network Interface Card

What Is A Network Interface Card?

Difficulty: Medium

A network interface card (NIC) is a hardware component that provides networking capabilities to a computer, allowing a computer to connect to a network.

What Is Flash Memory

What Is Flash Memory?

Difficulty: Medium

Flash memory is a type of non-volatile memory that can be read from and written to. It is fast to read and write to and can be written to and overwritten like RAM, but is not as fast as RAM.

What Is A Storage Device

What Is A Storage Device?

Difficulty: Medium

A storage device is a piece of hardware used to store data. In order for a computer to save or remember settings, data, or information, a storage device is required.

What Is A Graphics Processing Unit

What Is A Graphics Processing Unit?

Difficulty: Medium

A graphics processing unit (GPU) is a processor designed to render all graphics and images on the computer screen.

What Is A Computer Case

What Is A Computer Case?

Difficulty: Easy

A computer case is the housing that organises and protects all the components inside a computer, such as the motherboard, hard drive, optical drive, power supply, RAM, and CPU.

What Is A Tablet Computer

What Is A Tablet Computer?

Difficulty: Easy

A tablet is a handheld, portable computer with a touchscreen display that runs off battery power. It is larger than a smartphone but smaller than a laptop, making it easy to carry around and transport.

What Is Alpha Software

What Is An All-In-One Computer?

Difficulty: Easy

An all-in-one computer is a type of computer that integrates the internal components of the system into the same case as the monitor, taking up less room than desktop computers with a tower case.

What Is Computer Hardware

What Is Computer Hardware?

Difficulty: Easy

Computer hardware refers to the physical parts that make up a computer. This includes the internal components and the external devices that connect to it.