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Topic: Computer Systems

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How To Learn More About Computers?

How To Learn More About Computers?

Difficulty: Easy

Over the years, usage of computer technology has grown a lot and the world has become more reliant on it.

What Is Mixed Reality

What Is Mixed Reality?

Difficulty: Medium

Mixed reality combines elements of virtual reality and augmented reality. It blends both the physical world and computer-generated elements, which can be interacted with.

What Is A Process

What Is A Process?

Difficulty: Medium

A process is an instance of a program being run on a computer. Each time a program is actively run by the CPU, a process is started.

What Is Multitasking

What Is Multitasking?

Difficulty: Medium

Multitasking is the process of having a computer run multiple applications or processes at once. It is controlled by the operating system.

What Is Power Cycling

What Is Power Cycling?

Difficulty: Medium

Power cycling is the process of turning a device off and on again. It is a troubleshooting step used to fix a frozen or malfunctioning device.

What Is Foistware

What Is Foistware?

Difficulty: Medium

Foistware describes software that is installed without the user's knowledge or consent, most commonly toolbars, browser extensions, and system utilities.

What Is Nagware

What Is Nagware?

Difficulty: Medium

Nagware is a type of software that frequently interrupts users with popup messages, asking them to register the software, upgrade to the premium version, or take another form of action.

What Is Bundleware

What Is Bundleware?

Difficulty: Medium

Bundleware is a type of software that installs other programs in addition to a specific software program. It got its name from people bundling together different programs into one installation package.

What Is Email Marketing

What Is Shovelware?

Difficulty: Medium

Shovelware describes unwanted software that is bundled with software valuable to users. It is known more for the quantity of what is included, not the quality or usefulness.

What Is Dribbleware

What Is Dribbleware?

Difficulty: Medium

Dribbleware describes software that has not been properly tested before its release and is characterised by frequent updates, patches, and fixes that end users have to deal with.

What Is Cloud Waste

What Is Cloud Waste?

Difficulty: Medium

Cloud waste refers to unused cloud services, which result in unnecessary spending. This often happens when home users or businesses...

What Is A Push Notification

What Is A Push Notification?

Difficulty: Medium

A push notification is a message directly sent to a computing device without a specific request from the client.

What Is End Of Life

What Is End Of Life?

Difficulty: Medium

End of life (EOL) is used in IT to describe products that are no longer maintained or supported by the software developer or hardware manufacturer. It symbolises the last stage of the product lifecycle.

What Is An Internal Hard Drive

What Is An Internal Hard Drive?

Difficulty: Medium

An internal hard drive is a type of hard drive located inside a computer case. It is a key component of a computer since it stores the operating system.

What Is A Crash

What Is A Crash?

Difficulty: Easy

A crash occurs when a software application or operating system stops working properly and terminates.

What Is A Bug

What Is A Bug?

Difficulty: Medium

A bug is an unexpected issue in a software program that causes it to behave in an unintended way or crash.

What Is System Restore

What Is System Restore?

Difficulty: Medium

System Restore is a built-in utility in Windows that allows users to restore their system to a previous state. This allows unwanted changes that...

What Is Horizontal Market Software

What Is Vertical Market Software?

Difficulty: Medium

Vertical market software is a type of software that is developed for a specific industry. It is a niche-market type of software.

What Is Horizontal Market Software

What Is Horizontal Market Software?

Difficulty: Medium

Horizontal market software is a type of software that is not developed for specific industries and is generally useful in a wide range of industries.

What Is Dual-Booting

What Is Dual-Booting?

Difficulty: Medium

Dual-booting, also known as multi-booting, is the act of installing and running multiple operating systems on a single computer.

What Is A Dperecated Feature

What Is A Deprecated Feature?

Difficulty: Medium

A deprecated feature is a functionality that still exists in software and may still work but is being phased out and replaced, so usage is not recommended.

What Is An In-App Purchase

What Is An In-App Purchase?

Difficulty: Medium

An in-app purchase (IAP) is a purchase made within an app to buy additional content or features, or sign up for subscriptions.

What Is A Factory Reset

What Is A Factory Reset?

Difficulty: Medium

A factory reset clears all user data and settings from a device and restores it to its original state, like when it was first taken out of the box.

What Is Drag and Drop

What Is Drag and Drop?

Difficulty: Medium

Drag and drop is a functionality which allows users to select an object or a section of text (dragging) and then move it (dropping) to a new location.

What Is Optical Media

What Is Optical Media?

Difficulty: Medium

Optical media is a type of data storage that uses a laser to read and write data from a removable plastic disc.

What Is An Optical Drive

What Is An Optical Drive?

Difficulty: Medium

An optical drive is a disc drive that reads and writes from optical discs, such as CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays using a laser or visible light.

What Is Internet Surveillance

What Is Internet Surveillance?

Difficulty: Medium

Internet surveillance is the act of gathering, monitoring, and logging information from online activity by a third party, such as an ISP, social media site, search engine, the government, or hackers.

What Is A CD-ROM

What Is A CD-ROM?

Difficulty: Medium

A CD-ROM is a CD used as a read-only optical memory device. This type of CD can be read, but not written to by a computer with an optical drive.