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Subtopic: SEO

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What Is A Bad Neighbourhood

What Is A Bad Neighbourhood?

Difficulty: Medium

In SEO, bad neighbourhoods are groups of websites that have violated the guidelines of search engines and have a poor reputation.

What Is Social Sharing

What Is Social Sharing?

Difficulty: Easy

Social sharing is the process of posting or reposting web content on a social media website to allow others to view and engage with it, increasing its reach and exposure.

What Is Viral Content

What Is Viral Content?

Difficulty: Easy

Viral content refers to content that has received a high level of awareness, popularity, and shares, within a short period of time and quickly spreads around the internet.

What Is A URL Slug

What Is A URL Slug?

Difficulty: Medium

A URL slug is the end part of the URL after the backslash that identifies the content of a webpage.

What Is Content Syndication

What Is Content Syndication?

Difficulty: Medium

Password cracking is the process of attempting to discover the correct passwords stored on a computer or a network. This is usually accomplished by guessing the password.

What Is Google AMP

What Is Google AMP?

Difficulty: Medium

Stands for Google Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP is an open-source project designed to improve the loading time of webpages for mobile devices.

What Is A Backlink Profile

What Is A Backlink Profile?

Difficulty: Medium

A backlink profile is the total collection of backlinks to a website, forming its 'profile'. The backlink profile also contains other information, including...

What Are User Signals

What Are User Signals?

Difficulty: Medium

User signals describe behaviours displayed by visitors when interacting with a website. They are usually measured as a...

6 Sites You Should Avoid Linking To

6 Sites You Should Avoid Linking To

Difficulty: Medium

Links to external sites are a useful way of providing more information to your visitors, recommending useful sites and services, and providing a better overall user experience since they add more context to readers.

Why Is My Website Not Ranking Well On Google

Why Is My Website Not Ranking Well On Google? - 12 Possible Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Ranking Well On Google

Difficulty: Medium

Sometimes, it seems like you have put so much work into creating your content and optimising it for Google, but it just won't rank high enough for people to see and click on your result.

How To Get My Pages Quickly Indexed By Google

How To Get My Pages Quickly Indexed By Google?

Difficulty: Medium

Sometimes, it can take a long time for your pages to get crawled and indexed by Google, especially if your site is new and has never been indexed by Google before.

What Is A Website Audit

What Is A Website Audit?

Difficulty: Medium

A website audit is the process of analysing the security, search engine friendliness, speed, social media presence, and other factors of a website.

What Is Universal Search

What Is Universal Search?

Difficulty: Medium

Universal search, also known as blended search, refers to search engines expanding search results by combining results from their different indexes into the main search results page.

What Is A Search Term

What Is A Search Term?

Difficulty: Easy

A search term, also known as a search query, is a word or set of words that someone enters into a search engine to generate search results.

What Is Crawl Budget Optimisation

What Is Crawl Budget Optimisation?

Difficulty: Medium

Crawl budget optimisation (CBO) is the process of optimising a site to increase the rate search engine bots can crawl a website in a given period of time.

What Is A Soft 404

What Is A Soft 404?

Difficulty: Advanced

A soft 404 is when the server returns a 200 HTTP status code, indicating that the request is successful, but the webpage or content is missing.


What Is URL SEO?

Difficulty: Medium

URL SEO is the process of optimising URLs for SEO so that they can be understood by users and search engines more easily. Although URLs have almost no impact on SEO as a direct ranking factor...