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Subtopic: Web Design

Articles about key terminology related to managing the look, feel, and visual appearance of websites on the World Wide Web.

Web Design 1
What Is Flat Design

What Is Flat Design?

Difficulty: Medium

Flat design is a simple user interface design that uses simple elements, typography, and flat colours. It focuses on minimalism, functionality, and usability without using shading or extra details to make graphics look 3D.

What Are Media Queries

What Are Media Queries?

Difficulty: Medium

Media queries are a CSS functionality that allows different style rules to be defined based on the width and height of the viewport, orientation of the viewport, and screen resolution.

What Is Eager Loading

What Is Eager Loading?

Difficulty: Medium

Eager loading is the default functionality that displays all the resources of a webpage, such as images and videos onto the page at once, even if...

What Is Lazy Loading

What Is Lazy Loading?

Difficulty: Medium

In web design, lazy loading is a functionality that delays the loading of certain elements of a webpage, such as images and videos, until the user interacts...

What Is Graceful Degradation

What Is Graceful Degradation?

Difficulty: Medium

Graceful degradation is an approach to web design that involves building a website so that it provides the best level of user experience...

What Is Progressive Enhancement

What Is Progressive Enhancement?

Difficulty: Medium

In web design, progressive enhancement is a technique that involves allowing all users to access the basic functionality and content of a webpage and allowing...

What Is Mobile Optimisation

What Is Mobile Optimisation?

Difficulty: Medium

Mobile optimisation is the process of creating websites that work well on mobile devices. As the number of users browsing websites using mobile devices...

What Is A Website Redesign

What Is A Website Redesign?

Difficulty: Easy

A website redesign is the process of rebuilding or visually upgrading the design of a site, which includes changing the layout, format, structure, colours...

What Is Parallax Scrolling

What Is Parallax Scrolling?

Difficulty: Medium

Parallax scrolling is a web design technique where the background content moves past at a different speed than the foreground whilst scrolling.

What Is User Experience Design

What Is User Experience Design?

Difficulty: Medium

User experience design, also known as UX design, or UXD, is an area of web design that refers to...

What Is Below The Fold

What Is Below The Fold?

Difficulty: Medium

Below the fold describes the lower part of a webpage that a visitor can only see by scrolling down. The term 'below the fold' comes from...