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Subtopic: Network Software

Articles about different types of software used to connect with a remote device over a network.

Network Software
What Is A Packet Sniffer

What Is A Packet Sniffer?

Difficulty: Medium

A packet sniffer, also known as a packet analyser is a piece of software used to gather and analyse some or all of the packets that pass through a computer network.

What Is uTorrent

What Is uTorrent?

Difficulty: Medium

ĀµTorrent, also spelt as uTorrent, is a free BitTorrent client that was developed by Rainberry, Inc with over 150 million users...

What Is Traceroute

What Is Traceroute?

Difficulty: Medium

Traceroute, also known as tracert, is a command-line utility used to display the path the data packet took from its source to destination...

What Is PuTTy

What Is PuTTy?

Difficulty: Medium

PuTTY is a free terminal emulator software that can act as a client for the SSH, Telnet, and rlogin protocols with an xterm terminal...

What Is IIS

What Is IIS?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Internet Information Services, IIS, originally called Internet Information Server, is a web server software that was...

What Is Wireshark

What Is Wireshark?

Difficulty: Medium

Wireshark, originally called Ethereal, is a free program that is used for analysing data packets and browsing the traffic that...

What Is FileZilla

What Is FileZilla?

Difficulty: Medium

FileZilla is a free FTP client used for remotely connecting to web servers to upload and download files that was released on 22...

What Is A Cancelbot

What Is A Cancelbot?

Difficulty: Medium

A cancelbot is a program that automatically sends messages to bulletin-board Usenet internet newsgroups to delete certain posti...

What Is Ping

What Is Ping?

Difficulty: Medium

Ping is a software application that uses a command-line interface to test the reachability of a computer network by sending a s...