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Topic: Cybersecurity

Below are all articles about the cybersecurity topic.

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How To Spot A Romance Scammer Online

How To Spot A Romance Scammer Online?

Difficulty: Easy

Romance scammers trick you into giving away money or your personal details by trying to establish a bond with you quickly and pretending to have a deep connection with you.

What Is A Software Token

What Is A Software Token?

Difficulty: Medium

A software token, also known as a soft token, is a security token in the form of an application running on a device.

What Is A Hardware Token

What Is A Hardware Token?

Difficulty: Medium

A hardware token, also known as a hard token, is a portable security device used to authenticate a user in a multi-factor authentication system.

What Is Wiretapping

What Is Wiretapping?

Difficulty: Medium

Wiretapping is the practice of attaching a listening device to a telephone line to secretly listen to conversations.

What Is A Data Breach

What Is A Data Breach?

Difficulty: Medium

A data breach is an intentional or unintentional exposure of confidential or sensitive information to unauthorised people.

What Is Cryptography

What Is Cryptography?

Difficulty: Medium

Cryptography is the practice of securing information by transforming it into a secure format. This ensures that only the person who is meant to see the information can view it and no unintended recipients can understand it.

What Is A User Account

What Is A User Account?

Difficulty: Easy

A user account is an identity created by a person which allows them to use a computer system, network, or service.

What Is A Login

What Is A Login?

Difficulty: Easy

A login is a set of credentials that enables access to an electronic account or system. The user credentials are usually a username or password, but may also consist of a PIN.

What Is A Passkey

What Is A Passkey?

Difficulty: Medium

A passkey is an authentication technology that allows users to authenticate without a password. Passkeys are tied to a specific account.

What Are File Permissions

What Are File Permissions?

Difficulty: Medium

File permissions define who can view, write, and edit files and directories. They most commonly apply to files stored on a web server, but can also apply to files stored on a hard drive.

Top 12 Password Myths

Top 12 Password Myths

Difficulty: Easy

Over time, there have been common myths about passwords which come from common "guides" about password security. These can actually make your passwords weaker and give you a false sense of security.

What Is Password Cracking

What Is Password Cracking?

Difficulty: Medium

Password cracking is the process of attempting to discover the correct passwords stored on a computer or a network. This is usually accomplished by guessing the password.

What Is Credential Stuffing

What Is Credential Stuffing?

Difficulty: Medium

Credential stuffing is a type of cyberattack that happens after a user account has been compromised. It involves the attacker trying the same username and password combination on other websites and services.

What Is Biometric Access Control

What Is Biometric Access Control?

Difficulty: Medium

Biometric access control uses biological features to authenticate users and control physical access to a room or electronic device.

What Is A Passcode

What Is A Passcode?

Difficulty: Easy

A passcode is a string of numbers used to authenticate a user before signing into an electronic account or electronic device. It is similar to...

What Is A Username

What Is A Username?

Difficulty: Easy

A username, also known as an account name, is an alphanumeric name given to a user account so that it can be uniquely identified.

What Is PGP

What Is PGP?

Difficulty: Advanced

Stands for Pretty Good Privacy. PGP is an encryption program used to provide cryptographic privacy and authentication for emails and sensitive files.

What Is A Password Manager

What Is A Password Manager?

Difficulty: Medium

A password manager is a software program that allows users to create, save, and manage passwords across different websites, services, and apps.

What Is A Bug Bounty

What Is A Bug Bounty?

Difficulty: Medium

A bug bounty is a reward offered by the owners of a system, computer program, or website, for discovering and reporting a security vulnerability, bug, or weakness.

What Is An Access Level

What Is An Access Level?

Difficulty: Medium

An access level is a way of restricting access to specific users. Access levels are related to file permission, but go beyond just files.

What Is An Access Level

What Is An Access Level?

Difficulty: Medium

An access level is a way of restricting access to specific users. Access levels are related to file permission, but go beyond just files.

Should I Regularly Change My Password

Should I Regularly Change My Password?

Difficulty: Easy

You have probably heard from multiple sources that you should regularly change your password every six months, every three months, or even every month. This is a common myth.

What Is Cybersecurity Incident Management

What Is Cybersecurity Incident Management?

Difficulty: Medium

Cybersecurity incident management is the process of identifying, analysing, and managing threats, cyberattacks, and incidents in real time. A cybersecurity incident could be an active threat.

What Is A Blacklist

What Is A Blacklist?

Difficulty: Medium

A blacklist, also known as a blocklist, or a denylist, is a list of email addresses, IP addresses, domain names, usernames, passwords, and applications that are...

What Is An Operating System

What Is A Whitelist?

Difficulty: Medium

A whitelist, also known as an allowlist, or a passlist, is a list of email addresses, IP addresses, domain names, usernames, passwords, and applications...

What Is The 3D Secure Protocol

What Is The 3D Secure Protocol?

Difficulty: Medium

The 3D Secure protocol, also known as the 3DS protocol, is designed to add an extra layer of security for credit card and debit card transactions online.

What Is The SET Protocol

What Is The SET Protocol?

Difficulty: Medium

Stands for the Secure Electronic Transmission protocol. The SET protocol is a communications protocol used to secure electronic payments made using a debit or credit card.

What Is A Passphrase

What Is A Passphrase?

Difficulty: Easy

A passphrase is a sequence of words and letters, separated by spaces that is used to authenticate a user before signing in. They are used in combination with usernames.

How To Spot Money Making Scams Online

How To Spot Money-Making Scams Online?

Difficulty: Easy

Money-making scams, also known as 'make money online' scams or 'work at home' scams claim to give a large amount of money for one thing, but don't actually do what they claimed and mislead users of their true intent.

What Is A Fork Bomb

What Is A Fork Bomb?

Difficulty: Medium

A fork bomb, also known as a rabbit virus, is a type of DoS attack where an existing process is taken and continuously replicated to start new processes.

What Is Webcam Hijacking

What Is Webcam Hijacking?

Difficulty: Medium

Webcam hijacking, also known as camfecting, is the act of activating a user's webcam remotely over the internet and gaining access to it without their permission or knowledge.

How To Spot Misinformation Online

How To Spot Misinformation Online?

Difficulty: Medium

Misinformation is false or inaccurate information designed to deceive other people. Since anyone can post something online...

What Is Cryptojacking

What Is Cryptojacking?

Difficulty: Medium

Cryptojacking is the unauthorised use of someone else's computing resources to mine cryptocurrency. Cryptojacking malware often installs...

What Is Spoofing

What Is Spoofing?

Difficulty: Medium

Spoofing is the act of pretending to be something or someone else to deceive other users. This is accomplished by disguising the identity of...

What Is An Intrusion Prevention System

What Is An Intrusion Prevention System?

Difficulty: Medium

An intrusion prevention system (IPS), also known as an intrusion detection prevention system is a security system that protects an organisation's network from malicious activity.