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Advanced Articles

Articles that are marked as advanced are difficult for the average computer user to understand and contain highly complex terminology. Examples of advanced articles are ones about DNS and nameservers. Not many people know what these terms mean. These are suitable for experts. Articles marked as advanced have a difficulty level of 8, 9 or 10.

Advanced Articles 1
What Is PGP

What Is PGP?

Difficulty: Advanced

Stands for Pretty Good Privacy. PGP is an encryption program used to provide cryptographic privacy and authentication for emails and sensitive files.

What Is TTL

What Is TTL?

Difficulty: Advanced

Stands for Time To Live. TTL is a value that specifies how long a packet of data or information should remain on a computer or network before being discarded.

What Is SQL Injection

What Is SQL Injection?

Difficulty: Advanced

SQL injection is a website vulnerability that allows an attacker to interfere with the SQL queries made to a database. It happens when a user is asked for...

What Is A Soft 404

What Is A Soft 404?

Difficulty: Advanced

A soft 404 is when the server returns a 200 HTTP status code, indicating that the request is successful, but the webpage or content is missing.

What Is The Htpasswd File

What Is The .Htpasswd File?

Difficulty: Advanced

.htpasswd file is used to store usernames and passwords for basic authentication of HTTP users when password protecting a file.

What Is SSI

What Is SSI?

Difficulty: Advanced

Stands for Server-Side Includes. SSI is a World Wide Web scripting language used to include Apache executable instructions that are run by a web server.

What Are Web Safe Colours

What Are Web Safe Colours?

Difficulty: Advanced

Web safe colours, also known as browser safe colours, are 216 colours that will not be dithered (altered) when shown on a computer monitor only capable of displaying an 8-bit colour.

What Is React

What Is React?

Difficulty: Advanced

React, also known as React.js or ReactJS, is an open-source and frontend JavaScript library used to quickly and efficiently build interactive user interfaces with much less code than JavaScript.

What Is The DOM

What Is The DOM?

Difficulty: Advanced

Stands for the Document Object Model. The DOM is an API that defines the structure and content of documents on the Web, such as HTML and XML documents as well as the ways that they can be accessed and manipulated.

What Is JSON

What Is JSON?

Difficulty: Advanced

Stands for JavaScript Object Notation. JSON is a lightweight data format used for storing and transmitting structured data and is pronounced like the name 'Jason'.

What Is Node.js

What Is Node.js?

Difficulty: Advanced

Node.js is an open-source runtime environment used to run JavaScript code outside of a web browser. By using Node.js, developers can run JavaScript on both the client side and server side.

What Is A .Htaccess file

What Is A .Htaccess File?

Difficulty: Advanced

A .htaccess file is a plaintext file used by web servers that run Apache (web server software) that allows webmasters to control the configuration settings and behaviour of their websites.

What Is A Remote Procedure Call

What Is A Remote Procedure Call?

Difficulty: Advanced

A Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is a software communication protocol that can be used by a program in order to request a service from...


What Is ONC/RPC?

Difficulty: Advanced

Stands for Open Network Computing Remote Procedure Call. ONC/RPC, also known as Sun RPC is a remote procedure call system that was originally developed by Sun Microsystems...

What Is QUIC

What Is QUIC?

Difficulty: Advanced

QUIC stands for Quick UDP Internet Connections and it is a transport-layer protocol that was designed by Google on 12th October 2012...

What Is PTP

What Is PTP?

Difficulty: Advanced

PTP stands for Precision Time Protocol and it is an application-layer protocol used to synchronise clocks across computer networks...



Difficulty: Advanced

DNSSEC stands for Domain Name Security Extensions and it is a protocol that extends DNS by adding a layer of security to the DNS lookup...

What Is MGCP

What Is MGCP?

Difficulty: Advanced

Stands for Media Gateway Control Protocol, MGCP is a protocol used for signalling and call control communications in VoIP telecommunication...

What Is NDP

What Is NDP?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for Neighbour Discovery Protocol, NDP is a protocol used to map an IP address to a fixed 48-bit MAC address in a LAN. It...

What Is LDAP

What Is LDAP?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, LDAP is a protocol used for accessing directory information over the internet....

What Is OSPF

What Is OSPF?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for Open Shortest Path First, OSPF is a routing protocol used to determine the shortest and most efficient path from one...

What Is IGMP

What Is IGMP?

Difficulty: Advanced

hort for Internet Group Management Protocol, IGMP is a network-layer protocol that is used to establish multicast group member...

What Is The Address Resolution Protocol

What Is The Address Resolution Protocol?

Difficulty: Advanced

The Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), is a protocol used to map an IP address to a fixed MAC address in a LAN. ARP works by tr...

What Is A DNS Resolver

What Is A DNS Resolver?

Difficulty: Advanced

A DNS resolver is a server that handles requests and translates domain names to their corresponding IP addresses. For example...

What Is The Bootstrap Protocol

What Is The Bootstrap Protocol?

Difficulty: Advanced

The Bootstrap Protocol, often abbreviated to BOOTP is an IP protocol that is used to automatically provide a host with an IP ad...

What Is Host Priority

What Is Host Priority?

Difficulty: Advanced

Host priority is the prioritisation of different hosts. It is commonly used in DNS to specify where traffic would be directed if...

What Is A Broadcast Address

What Is A Broadcast Address?

Difficulty: Advanced

A broadcast address is a preassigned IP address that is used for sending messages to each host in a network without the need to...

What Is Port Forwarding

What Is Port Forwarding?

Difficulty: Advanced

Port forwarding, also known as port mapping enables computers over the internet to connect to a network that is outside of the...

What Is DCCP

What Is DCCP?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for Datagram Congestion Control Protocol, DCCP is a transport-layer protocol that implements congestion control, feature...

What Is NTP

What Is NTP?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for Network Time Protocol, NTP is an application-layer protocol used for the synchronisation of computer clocks between m...

What Is SCTP

What Is SCTP?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for Stream Control Transmission Protocol, SCTP, also known as next-generation Transmission Control Protocol or TCPng, is...

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