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Subtopic: Web Advertising

Articles about different methods of advertising on the World Wide Web, key online advertising terminology, and the measurements used, such as CPM.

Web Advertising 1
What Is An Ads.txt File

What Is An Ads.txt File?

Difficulty: Medium

Stands for Authorised Digital Sellers. An ads.txt file is a text file hosted on the root directory of a website that publishers use to...

What Is Keyword Advertising

What Is Keyword Advertising?

Difficulty: Medium

Keyword advertising is a method of online advertising which allows users to be targeted based on the keywords they enter in a search engine.

What Is A Skyscraper Ad

What Is A Skyscraper Ad?

Difficulty: Medium

A skyscraper ad is a tall and narrow ad usually placed to the left or right side of the main content on webpages. It has two standard sizes of...