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What Is A Noindex Tag

What Is A Noindex Tag?

Difficulty: Medium

A noindex tag is a meta tag used to instruct search engine bots not to crawl a specified page. It is located in the head of the HTML document and prevents the URL from being included in the search results.

What Is A Meta Title

What Is A Meta Title?

Difficulty: Medium

A meta title, also known as a title tag, is a HTML tag used to specify the title of a webpage. The title can be seen in the web browser tab, the search results page, the bookmarks bar, and social media posts, but not on the webpage.

What Is A Meta Description

What Is A Meta Description?

Difficulty: Medium

A meta description is a HTML attribute used to briefly describe a page. This text can appear in the search engine results under the title, so it is an important part of SEO.

What Is Pogo Sticking

What Is Pogo Sticking?

Difficulty: Medium

Pogo sticking is the act of clicking on multiple search results in the search engine results page and switching back and forth, indicating that searchers did not find what they were looking for.

What Is Link Building

What Is Link Building?

Difficulty: Medium

Link building is the process of getting backlinks, also known as inbound links, to a webpage from other websites with the aim of boosting the search engine ranking of that page.

What Is Dwell Time

What Is Dwell Time?

Difficulty: Medium

Dwell time is the period of time that a user spends on a webpage after clicking through a link on a search engine result before returning back to the search engine results page or leaving the website.

What Is Linkbait

What Is Linkbait?

Difficulty: Medium

Linkbait, also spelt link bait, describes web content that is designed to grab visitor's attention and encourage people to link to it with the intention of improving the ranking of the website on the search results page.

What Is Duplicate Content

What Is Duplicate Content?

Difficulty: Easy

Duplicate content is defined as content that is exactly the same as content that already exists on the World Wide Web.

What Is Article Spinning

What Is Article Spinning?

Difficulty: Medium

Article spinning is the process of rewriting existing articles on the World Wide Web by using a program or tool that replaces words or phrases with synonyms or rephrases sentences, or by hired writers.

What Is Spamdexing

What Is Black Hat SEO?

Difficulty: Medium

Black hat SEO, also known as spamdexing, search engine spam, or search engine poisoning, is a range of black hat SEO techniques used to artificially manipulate the ranking of pages in the search results page.

What Are Stop Words

What Are Stop Words?

Difficulty: Medium

Stop words are words that search engines filter out when retrieving results as part of a search query. Stop words are usually articles, prepositions, pronouns, or conjunctions that do not add any meaning to the search query.

What Is A Robots.txt File

What Is A Robots.txt File?

Difficulty: Medium

A robots.txt file is a text file used by webmasters to instruct search engine bots on which URLs, URL patterns, and directories they can index.

What Is An Orphan Page

What Is An Orphan Page?

Difficulty: Medium

An orphan page, also known as an orphaned page, is a webpage that exists, but has no hyperlinks pointing to it from any other page and can only be found by knowing and typing the URL.

What Is A Dead-End Page

What Is A Dead-End Page?

Difficulty: Medium

A dead-end page is a webpage with no internal or external links, creating a 'dead-end', and forcing users to click the back button in their browser.

What Is An Internal Link

What Is An Internal Link?

Difficulty: Easy

An internal link is a hyperlink from one webpage to another within the same website or domain name. For example, if a website linked to its contact page in the footer...

What Is A Link Scheme

What Is A Link Scheme?

Difficulty: Medium

A link scheme, also known as a link farm, is a type of link building that artificially boosts the ranking of a webpage through manipulation of the number of backlinks pointing to that page.

What Is A Doorway Page

What Is A Doorway Page?

Difficulty: Medium

A doorway page, also known as a gateway page, bridge page, jump page, or portal page, is a webpage that is stuffed with keywords in order to trick search engines into thinking that it has high-quality content when it actually has content of little value for users.

What Is Page Swapping

What Is Page Swapping?

Difficulty: Medium

Page swapping is a black hat SEO technique that involves completely changing a page after it has been ranked and indexed by search engines in order to manipulate the search engine ranking for certain keywords in the SERP page.

What Is Search Engine Cloaking

What Is Search Engine Cloaking?

Difficulty: Medium

Search engine cloaking is a black hat SEO technique that involves presenting different content to search engines than human users in order to manipulate the search engine ranking of a website for certain keywords.

What Is Keyword Stuffing

What Is Keyword Stuffing?

Difficulty: Medium

Keyword stuffing is a black hat SEO technique that involves placing an unnecessarily large amount of keywords onto a page to manipulate the search engine ranking of a website.

What Is A Search Engine Results Page

What Is A Search Engine Results Page?

Difficulty: Medium

Often abbreviated to a SERP, a search engine results page is a list of results that displays after a searcher submits a search query into a search engine, such as Google.

What Is Domain Authority

What Is Domain Authority?

Difficulty: Medium

Domain authority, also known as DA, is a metric developed by Moz that measures the search engine ranking score of a certain website...

What Is A Canonical URL

What Is A Canonical URL?

Difficulty: Medium

A canonical URL is a HTML element used to tell search engines which URL is preferred when a single page is accessible by multiple URLs...

What Is A Web Crawler

What Is A Web Crawler?

Difficulty: Medium

A web crawler, also known as a web spider or simply a crawler, is a bot operated by a search engine that travels across the World Wide Web and crawls and indexes content...

What Is Direct Traffic

What Is Direct Traffic?

Difficulty: Medium

Direct traffic is defined as traffic with no referring website or source. This could include visitors manually typing the URL into their web browser...

What Is Organic Traffic

What Is Organic Traffic?

Difficulty: Medium

Organic traffic describes traffic that comes through search engines, such as Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, and Yandex. The traffic is unpaid as visitors do not land on the website through paid ads...

What Is Bounce Rate

What Is Bounce Rate?

Difficulty: Medium

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that enter a website and leave after viewing a single page without clicking on anything else.

What Is A Backlink

What Is A Backlink?

Difficulty: Easy

A backlink, also known as an incoming link, inbound link, inlink, or an inward link, is a hyperlink from one webpage to an external website.

What Is An XML Sitemap

What Is An XML Sitemap?

Difficulty: Medium

An XML sitemap, also spelt as site map, is an XML file that provides search engines with a list of important pages, images, and videos of a website.

What Is SEO

What Is SEO?

Difficulty: Medium

Stands for search engine optimisation. SEO is the practice of improving the position of a website in search engines in order to increase organic website traffic.