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SEO Quiz (B)

SEO Quiz (B)

Date First Published: 31st May 2023

This is the second quiz about the SEO subtopic. All 15 questions in this quiz are covered in the articles.

Quiz Instructions

Every question in this quiz is multiple choice. In order to take this quiz, click on the box for your selected answer. Once you have tried your best attempt, you can click on the 'Submit answers' button and your answers will be marked. The questions highlighted in green are the ones you answered correctly and the questions highlighted in red are the ones you answered incorrectly. This will give you an overview of the terminology in SEO that you can remember and the terminology that you could not remember. You could also consider whether the questions you answered correctly were ones you definitely thought you knew or ones you guessed. If you want to have another go at the quiz, you can reload the page.

Once you've finished the quiz, you can click on 'Reveal/Hide answers' to reveal or hide the correct answers for every question. The correct answer is explained for most questions.

Warning: Warning Icon

Do not reload the page whilst you are in the process of answering the questions as you will lose your selected answers and will have to start the quiz all over again.

Quiz Tips

  • There is no time limit on this quiz. You can take as long as you want to on each question, so don't rush.
  • This quiz should be completed from memory. Avoid looking back at the articles, clicking on 'Reveal answers' before you have completed the quiz, or looking up the answers on search engines.
  • Answer all the questions. Avoid leaving questions blank as that will guarantee that you get that question wrong.

Remember to click on 'Submit answers' once you have finished this quiz in order to get your result.