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Top 15 Most Commonly Mispronounced Computer Terms

Top 15 Most Commonly Mispronounced Computer Terms

Date First Published: 28th August 2023

Topic: Computer Systems

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Learn about the top 15 most commonly misused computer terms in this article. This is the 750th article.

Some computer terms can easily be mispronounced. When talking about computers, mispronouncing computer terms can make it harder for you to be clearly understood and could result in you being corrected by people who know the proper pronunciation, which can be embarrassing at times. Below are the top 15 most commonly mispronounced computer terms and the correct way to pronounce them.

1. Modem

The term 'modem' is often mispronounced as 'mo-dm' or 'mo-dn', like the word 'modern'. Because of this, it is sometimes mistaken for a variant of the word 'modern'. The correct pronunciation is 'mow-dem'.

2. Wi-Fi

The term Wi-Fi is often mispronounced as 'Wee-fee' or 'Wif-ee'. The correct pronunciation for 'Wi-Fi' is 'why-fy'. Although people from France, Spain, and other European countries usually pronounce it as 'wee-fee', the standard pronunciation for English-speaking countries is 'why-fy' and not 'wee-fee' or 'wif-ee'.

3. Cache

Cache, the temporary storage of recently requested files and information to speed up future requests, is officially pronounced 'cash', like the physical form of money, not 'cash-ee', 'catch', or 'carsh'. When pronounced as 'cash-ey', it is actually a completely different word, cachet.

4. Linux

The correct pronunciation for Linux, the open-source operating system is 'li-nuhks', not 'lee-nuhks', or 'line-uhks'. This is one of the most mispronounced operating system names.

5. Internet

Although the term 'internet' is one of the most widely used and known computer terms, it is still commonly mispronounced as 'inner-net' without the 't'. The correct pronunciation is 'in-tuh-net'.

6. Data

The term 'data' is most commonly pronounced 'day-tuh' in British English and 'dah-tuh' in American English. Both pronunciations are used. Some people pronounce it 'dar-tah', which is widely considered incorrect. Most people view 'dar-tuh' as a mispronounced form of the term 'data'.

7. Protocol

The official pronunciation of the term 'protocol', a rule that determines how data is transmitted over a network is 'prow-tuh-kol', not 'prot-ocl'.

8. Trojan

There is confusion over the pronunciation of the term 'Trojan', a type of malware that disguises itself as something safe or useful and misleads users of its true intent. It is sometimes mispronounced as 'troj-uhn' or sometimes 'trusion'. The correct pronunciation is 'trow-jn'.

9. iOS

iOS, the operating system used by Apple mobile devices is officially pronounced 'eye-oh-ess'. It is often mispronounced as 'eye-oss', or 'ee-oh-ess'.

10. SQL

SQL is most commonly pronounced 'ess-cue-ell'. However, it is sometimes pronounced 'sequel', which can be considered an outdated pronunciation. SQL is not pronounced 'si-cul' or 'ess-cul'.

11. Siri

Siri, a built-in voice-controlled personal assistant for Apple devices is pronounced 'si-ree', not 'see-ree' or 'see-ri'.

12. SATA

SATA, a wired standard used to connect storage devices, such as hard disk drives to a computer, is pronounced 'sah-tuh', or 'serial ah-tuh', but not 'serial ay tee ay'.

13. Malware

Malware, the general term for any type of software specifically designed to harm a computer system is often mispronounced 'mol-weuh' or 'morl-weuh'. Malware is officially pronounced 'mal-weuh'.

14. Phishing

Phishing, the practice of impersonating trusted companies to steal sensitive information from other users, is often mispronounced as 'fee-shuhng'. Phishing is officially pronounced 'fi-shuhng'.

15. Ethernet

Ethernet, a high-speed wired technology used for directly connecting a device to a router or modem is officially pronounced 'ee-thuh-net'. It is sometimes mispronounced as 'eh-ther-net', like the word 'tether'.


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