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Page 2 - Networking

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What Is Cat 5e

What Is Cat 5e?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Category 5 Enhanced, Cat 5e is a type of Ethernet cable standard that is a newer version of Cat 5. Even though it has...

What Is Cat 5

What Is Cat 5?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Category 5, Cat 5 is a type of Ethernet cable that supports data transfer speeds of up to 100 Mb/s and is made up of....

What Is Network Address Translation

What Is Network Address Translation?

Difficulty: Advanced

Network address translation, often shortened to NAT, is a process that was developed by Cisco that translates the IP addresses....

What Is A Modem

What Is A Modem?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for a modulator-demodulator, a modem is a device that allows devices, such as smartphones, tablets, computers, routers, a...

What Is A Router

What Is A Router?

Difficulty: Easy

A router is a device that can form a LAN by connecting devices within a building. It shares an internet connection between mult...

What Is ISDN

What Is ISDN?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for Integrated Services Digital Network, ISDN is a set of communication standards that transmit data, video, voice, and o...

What Is An Upload

What Is An Upload?

Difficulty: Easy

An upload, sometimes shortened to a U/L is a term used to describe a file being copied from a device to a server in order for i...

What Is A Download

What Is A Download?

Difficulty: Easy

A download, sometimes shortened to a DL or D/L is a term used to describe a file being copied from a web server to another devi...

What Is Instant Messaging

What Is Instant Messaging?

Difficulty: Easy

Instant messaging, often shortened to IM is a technology used in online chat for real-time communication of typed messages over....

What Is Latency

What Is Latency?

Difficulty: Medium

Latency is a term that refers to the period of time that it takes for data to be transferred or processed to its destination. I...

What Is A Node

What Is A Node?

Difficulty: Medium

A node refers to any physical, electronic device, or system that is connected to a network. For example, if four computers are....

What Is A Handshake

What Is A Handshake?

Difficulty: Advanced

In computing, a handshake refers to the process of a signal or a connection being established between two devices. In a similar...

What Is UDP

What Is UDP?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for User Datagram Protocol, UDP is a communication protocol that is a very important part of the Internet Protocol Suite....

What Is RSS

What Is RSS?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Really Simple Syndication, RSS is a web feed format that allows users to access regularly updated or shared content f...

What Is An Extranet

What Is An Extranet?

Difficulty: Medium

An extranet works in a similar way to an intranet as it is a private network that is used by an organisation and only available...

What Is WPA

What Is WPA?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for Wi-Fi protected access, WPA is a security standard that was developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance, a non-profit organisatio....

What Is Email

What Is Email?

Difficulty: Easy

Short for electronic mail, email is a way of sending and receiving messages over the internet and is one of the most commonly u...

What Is VoIP

What Is VoIP?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP is a technology used for the delivery of voice communications over the internet. I...

What Is The Transmission Control Protocol

What Is The Transmission Control Protocol?

Difficulty: Medium

The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is a network communication protocol that is designed to send data packets over the inte...

What Is A Network Packet

What Is A Network Packet?

Difficulty: Advanced

A network packet, also known as a datagram is a segment of data that is sent over a network, such as a LAN. All methods of data...

What Is The World Wide Web

What Is The World Wide Web?

Difficulty: Easy

The World Wide Web, also known as WWW, or simply the web is the service that allows users to visit web pages in their browser.....

What Is The Internet

What Is The Internet?

Difficulty: Easy

The internet, also known as the net or the web is a global computer network and the largest WAN that provides access to informa...

What Is A Firewall

What Is A Firewall?

Difficulty: Medium

A firewall is a type of computer network security system that puts a restriction on internet traffic entering, leaving, and wit...

What Is FTP

What Is FTP?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for file transfer protocol, FTP, also known as RFC 959 is a communication protocol and internet standard that is used for...

What Is Peer To Peer Communication

What Is Peer-To-Peer Communication?

Difficulty: Medium

Peer-to-peer communication, also known as P2P communication is the transmission of files over a network through the use of two....

What Is HTTP

What Is HTTP?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for hypertext transfer protocol, HTTP is a protocol that is used for the transmission of information between web browsers...

What Is Intranet

What Is An Intranet?

Difficulty: Easy

An intranet works in a similar way to the internet, but it is a private internal network that is used within an organisation, s...

What Is Bandwidth

What Is Bandwidth?

Difficulty: Medium

Bandwidth is a term that refers to the measure of the maximum amount of data that can be transmitted from one position to anoth...

What Is A Wireless Access Point

What Is A Wireless Access Point?

Difficulty: Medium

A wireless access point, also known as a WAP, or simply an access point is a device that allows devices with wireless capabilit...

What Is A Hotspot

What Is A Hotspot?

Difficulty: Easy

A hotspot is a physical location that allows users to receive a Wi-Fi connection and internet access, usually for free on an op...