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Page 9 - Networking

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What Is A Remote Procedure Call

What Is A Remote Procedure Call?

Difficulty: Advanced

A Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is a software communication protocol that can be used by a program in order to request a service from...

What Is Multiplexing

What Is Multiplexing?

Difficulty: Medium

Multiplexing, sometimes abbreviated to muxing, is a method of combining analogue and digital signals into one data stream...

What Is POTS

What Is POTS?

Difficulty: Medium

Stands for Plain Old Telephone Service. POTS is the traditional analogue signal telecommunications service that is implemented over copper wires and telephone lines...

What Is A Repeater

What Is A Repeater?

Difficulty: Medium

A repeater, also known as a signal booster, is a device that regenerates traffic signals in order for one network to cover a longer physical distance...

What Is A VLE

What Is A VLE?

Difficulty: Medium

Stands for a virtual learning environment. A VLE is a web-based teaching platform that allows teachers to upload resources to the site...

What Is A Wireless Adapter

What Is A Wireless Adapter?

Difficulty: Easy

A wireless adapter, also known as a Wi-Fi dongle, Wi-Fi stick, Wi-Fi adapter, internet stick, or USB network adapter, is a piece of networking equipment...

What Is An Antenna

What Is An Antenna?

Difficulty: Medium

Also known as an aerial, an antenna is a part of wireless infrastructure that is capable of sending and receiving microwave, radio, and satellite signals...


What Is ONC/RPC?

Difficulty: Advanced

Stands for Open Network Computing Remote Procedure Call. ONC/RPC, also known as Sun RPC is a remote procedure call system that was originally developed by Sun Microsystems...

What Is Social Media

What Is Social Media?

Difficulty: Easy

Social media is an internet-based technology that allows users to post and share content with their friends or the public and create a social network...

What Is AWS

What Is AWS?

Difficulty: Medium

Stands for Amazon Web Services. AWS is a cloud computing platform that was developed by Amazon, Inc. It was officially launched in 2002 with a few services...

What Is A VLAN

What Is A VLAN?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for a virtual local area network, a VLAN is a customisable network that is created from multiple LANs. It allows groups of devices...

What Is PPP

What Is PPP?

Difficulty: Medium

Stands for Point-To-Point Protocol. PPP is a data link protocol used to directly transfer data between two nodes (points)...

What Is A Network Bridge

What Is A Network Bridge?

Difficulty: Medium

A brouter, also known as a bridging router, is a piece of networking hardware that works as both a bridge and a router by routing data...

What Is A Brouter

What Is A Brouter?

Difficulty: Medium

A brouter, also known as a bridging router, is a piece of networking hardware that works as both a bridge and a router by routing data...

What Is An Analogue Signal

What Is An Analogue Signal?

Difficulty: Medium

An analogue signal consists of a continuous range of values representing one quantity that is analogous to another quantity...

What Is QUIC

What Is QUIC?

Difficulty: Advanced

QUIC stands for Quick UDP Internet Connections and it is a transport-layer protocol that was designed by Google on 12th October 2012...

What Is PTP

What Is PTP?

Difficulty: Advanced

PTP stands for Precision Time Protocol and it is an application-layer protocol used to synchronise clocks across computer networks...

What Is Telecommunications

What Is Telecommunications?

Difficulty: Easy

Telecommunications, also known as telecom, is a wide term used to describe the electronic transmission of signals over long distances...

What Is MGCP

What Is MGCP?

Difficulty: Advanced

Stands for Media Gateway Control Protocol, MGCP is a protocol used for signalling and call control communications in VoIP telecommunication...

What Is A Fibre Optic Cable

What Is A Fibre Optic Cable?

Difficulty: Medium

A fibre-optic cable, also known as an optical-fibre cable, is a network cable that is made up of one or more thin strands of glass fibres...

What Is Anycasting

What Is Anycasting?

Difficulty: Medium

Anycasting is a network addressing and routing method where a group of nodes share the same IP addresses and messages can be sent to...

What Is Broadcasting

What Is Broadcasting?

Difficulty: Medium

Broadcasting refers to the process of sending a message to all hosts on a network without knowing their unique IP addresses...

What Is uTorrent

What Is uTorrent?

Difficulty: Medium

ĀµTorrent, also spelt as uTorrent, is a free BitTorrent client that was developed by Rainberry, Inc with over 150 million users...

What Is Podcast

What Is A Podcast?

Difficulty: Medium

A podcast, also known as an audioblog, or a pod, is a series of prerecorded digital audio files that can be downloaded from the internet...

What Is FQDN

What Is An FQDN?

Difficulty: Medium

Also known as an absolute domain name, an FQDN stands for a Fully Qualified Domain Name and it describes a full alphanumeric domain...

What Is PuTTy

What Is PuTTy?

Difficulty: Medium

PuTTY is a free terminal emulator software that can act as a client for the SSH, Telnet, and rlogin protocols with an xterm terminal...

What Is Traceroute

What Is Traceroute?

Difficulty: Medium

Traceroute, also known as tracert, is a command-line utility used to display the path the data packet took from its source to destination...

What Is Synchronisation

What Is Synchronisation?

Difficulty: Easy

Synchronisation is the process of updating information between two or more devices so that it remains identical on every device...

What Is RTP

What Is RTP?

Difficulty: Medium

Real-time transport protocol (RTP) is a protocol used for delivering live media over the internet, such as audio, video playing...

What Is NDP

What Is NDP?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for Neighbour Discovery Protocol, NDP is a protocol used to map an IP address to a fixed 48-bit MAC address in a LAN. It...