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Page 7 - Networking

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What Is LDAP

What Is LDAP?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, LDAP is a protocol used for accessing directory information over the internet....

What Is OSPF

What Is OSPF?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for Open Shortest Path First, OSPF is a routing protocol used to determine the shortest and most efficient path from one...

What Is IRC

What Is IRC?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Internet Relay Chat, IRC is an application-layer protocol used for real-time chatting and instant messaging with user...

What Is IGMP

What Is IGMP?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for Internet Group Management Protocol, IGMP is a network-layer protocol that is used to establish multicast group member...

What Is The Address Resolution Protocol

What Is The Address Resolution Protocol?

Difficulty: Advanced

The Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), is a protocol used to map an IP address to a fixed MAC address in a LAN. ARP works by tr...

What Is A Timeout

What Is A Timeout?

Difficulty: Easy

A timeout, also spelt as time-out, occurs when a user makes a request that takes longer than a server or network was preparing...

What Is A DNS Resolver

What Is A DNS Resolver?

Difficulty: Advanced

A DNS resolver is a server that handles requests and translates domain names to their corresponding IP addresses. For example...

What Is Metcalfe's Law

What Is Metcalfe's Law?

Difficulty: Medium

Metcalfe’s law is a concept in computer networks that was created by Robert Metcalfe, the inventor of Ethernet and 3Com to repr...

What Is The Bootstrap Protocol

What Is The Bootstrap Protocol?

Difficulty: Advanced

The Bootstrap Protocol, often abbreviated to BOOTP is an IP protocol that is used to automatically provide a host with an IP ad...

What Is Host Priority

What Is Host Priority?

Difficulty: Advanced

Host priority is the prioritisation of different hosts. It is commonly used in DNS to specify where traffic would be directed if...

What Is An Ebook

What Is An Ebook?

Difficulty: Easy

Short for an electronic book, an ebook, sometimes spelt e-book or eBook, is an electronic version of a printed book that can be...

What Is Unicasting

What Is Unicasting?

Difficulty: Medium

Unicasting is the sending of data across a network to a single recipient or host on a network. Unlike, broadcasting or multicasting...

What Is Multicasting

What Is Multicasting?

Difficulty: Medium

Multicasting is the sending of data across a network to multiple recipients or hosts at the same time across a LAN or WAN. It c...

What Is A Broadcast Address

What Is A Broadcast Address?

Difficulty: Advanced

A broadcast address is a preassigned IP address that is used for sending messages to each host in a network without the need to...

What Is The Loopback Address

What Is The Loopback Address?

Difficulty: Medium

The loopback address, also known as the localhost address, is the reserved IP address that sends and routes data packets to its...

What Is Token Ring

What Is Token Ring?

Difficulty: Medium

Token Ring is an earlier technology used in LAN where nodes are arranged in a ring or star topology and data is sent in one direction...

What Is The IETF

What Is The IETF?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for the Internet Engineering Task Force, the IETF is a non-profit organisation responsible for the development of internet...



Difficulty: Medium

Short for Attached Resource Computer Network, ARCNET is one of the oldest LAN technologies that was introduced by Datapoint Corp...

How To Make Money Online

How To Make Money Online?

Difficulty: Easy

Making money online is not that difficult with services, such as ecommerce, advertising, affiliate marketing, selling of digital...

What Is Cat 8

What Is Cat 8?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Category 8, Cat 8 is the latest and fastest IEEE copper Ethernet cable standard that supports data transmission speed...

What Is Cat 7a

What Is Cat 7a?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Category 7 Augmented, Cat 7a is an enhanced version of Cat 7 that supports data transmission speeds of up to 40 Gb/s,...

What Is Cat 7

What Is Cat 7?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Category 7, Cat 7 is a type of Ethernet cable that supports data transmission speeds of up to 10 Gb/s, frequency speed...

What Is GoDaddy

What Is GoDaddy?

Difficulty: Medium

GoDaddy, originally called Jomax Technologies, is a domain registrar that provides domain name registration services, web hosting...

What Is Namecheap

What Is Namecheap?

Difficulty: Medium

Namecheap is a domain registrar that provides domain name registration services, web hosting, SSL certificates, email services...

What Is A Hybrid Topology

What Is A Hybrid Topology?

Difficulty: Medium

A hybrid topology is the most complex type of network topology. It is a combination of two or more different topologies. For ex...

What Is A Point-To-Point Topology

What Is A Point-To-Point Topology?

Difficulty: Medium

A point-to-point topology is the simplest type of network topology where two nodes are directly connected to each other. It is...

What Is A Tree Topology

What Is A Tree Topology?

Difficulty: Medium

A tree topology, also known as a star bus topology is a type of network topology that combines the features of star and bus topologies...

What Is A Mesh Topology

What Is A Mesh Topology?

Difficulty: Medium

A mesh topology, also known as a mesh network, is a type of network topology where each node connects to every other node and c...

What Is A Ring Topology

What Is A Ring Topology?

Difficulty: Medium

A ring topology, also known as a ring network, is a type of network topology where every network device connects to exactly two...

What Is A Bus Topology

What Is A Bus Topology?

Difficulty: Medium

A bus topology, also known as a line topology, is an older type of network topology where all nodes of the network are directly...