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Page 6 - Networking

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What Is A Star Topology

What Is A Star Topology?

Difficulty: Medium

A star topology is a type of network topology where every network device has its own cable that connects to a central connection point...

What Is A Network Topology

What Is A Network Topology?

Difficulty: Medium

A network topology is the physical or logical structure of a network that defines how its links and nodes are connected with ea...

What Is Cat 6a

What Is Cat 6a?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Category 6 Augmented, Cat 6a is an enhanced version of Cat 6 that supports data transmission speeds of up to 10 Gb/s,...

What Is Cat 6

What Is Cat 6?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Category 6, Cat 6 is a type of Ethernet cable that supports data transmission speeds of up to 10 Gb/s and frequency t...

What Is Cat 4

What Is Cat 4?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Category 4, Cat 4 is a type of Ethernet cable that supports data transmission speeds of up to 14 Mb/s and frequency t...

What Is WPS

What Is WPS?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Wi-Fi Protected Setup, WPS, originally known as Wi-Fi Simple Config is a standard used for setting up secure wireless...

What Is ADSL

What Is ADSL?

Difficulty: Medium

ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line and it is a type of DSL broadband technology that transmits digital signals...

What Is A Leased Line

What Is A Leased Line?

Difficulty: Medium

A leased line, also known as a dedicated line or a private circuit, is a telephone or data line that is rented for use by one I...

What Is The IEEE

What Is The IEEE?

Difficulty: Medium

IEEE stands for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and it is a non-profit organisation with offices in New Y...

What Is Cat 3

What Is Cat 3?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Category 3, Cat 3 is a type of Ethernet cable that supports data transmission speeds of up to 10 Mb/s and frequency t...

What Is Crosstalk

What Is Crosstalk?

Difficulty: Medium

Crosstalk is the interference between cables in another circuit or channel, caused by signal transmission issues. It occurs when...

What Is Cat 2

What Is Cat 2?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Category 2, Cat 2 is the second-lowest category of Ethernet cable that supports data transmission speeds of up to 4 M...

What Is Cat 1

What Is Cat 1?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Category 1, Cat 1 is the lowest category of Ethernet cable that supports frequency transmission speeds of up to 1 Mb/...

What Is Baud

What Is Baud?

Difficulty: Medium

Baud, also known as baud rate, is a unit that is used to give a measure of the communication speed over a data channel. It is e...

What Is File Sharing

What Is File Sharing?

Difficulty: Easy

File sharing refers to the exchanging of files over a network with other users. Any type of file can be shared, such as document...

What Is Multihoming

What Is Multihoming?

Difficulty: Medium

Multihoming refers to the process of connecting a host to more than one network in order to increase its reliability or perform...

What Is Port Forwarding

What Is Port Forwarding?

Difficulty: Advanced

Port forwarding, also known as port mapping enables computers over the internet to connect to a network that is outside of the...

What Is DCCP

What Is DCCP?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for Datagram Congestion Control Protocol, DCCP is a transport-layer protocol that implements congestion control, feature...

What Is NTP

What Is NTP?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for Network Time Protocol, NTP is an application-layer protocol used for the synchronisation of computer clocks between m...

What Is SCTP

What Is SCTP?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for Stream Control Transmission Protocol, SCTP, also known as next-generation Transmission Control Protocol or TCPng, is...

What Is RTSP

What Is RTSP?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Real-Time Streaming Protocol, RTSP is a protocol used for controlling the delivery of real-time streaming media over...

What Is SMS

What Is SMS?

Difficulty: Easy

SMS stands for Short Message Service and it is one of the oldest technologies used for exchanging short text messages of up to...



Difficulty: Medium

Short for Because It’s Time Network, BITNET was a cooperative US computer WAN that was introduced in 1981 at the City Universit...

What Is Bluebugging

What Is Bluebugging?

Difficulty: Medium

Bluebugging is a type of attack where a malicious hacker establishes a backdoor on a user's device, allowing them to take over...

What Is Bluesnarfing

What Is Bluesnarfing?

Difficulty: Medium

Bluesnarfing is a type of attack where a malicious hacker gains unauthorised access to personal information and data on a device...

What Is DNS Propagation

What Is DNS Propagation?

Difficulty: Advanced

DNS propagation refers to the period of time that it takes for changes to DNS records to take effect across the entire web. Thi...

What Is IIS

What Is IIS?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Internet Information Services, IIS, originally called Internet Information Server, is a web server software that was...

What Is A Netmask

What Is A Subnet Mask?

Difficulty: Advanced

A netmask, also known as a subnet mask, is a 32-bit binary number that identifies the portion of IPv4 addresses that are availa...

What Is Dial-Up

What Is Dial-Up?

Difficulty: Easy

An internet connection that is established through the use of a modem is known as a dial-up. The computer is connected to stand...

What Is ECN

What Is ECN?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for Explicit Congestion Notification, ECN is an optional feature that is used for enabling end-to-end notification of net...