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What Is A Web Designer

What Is A Web Designer?

Difficulty: Easy

A web designer is a person responsible for designing and managing the look and feel of a website, the graphical elements, the theme, the user interface, and what users interact with.

What Is A Sticky Ad

What Is A Sticky Ad?

Difficulty: Medium

A sticky ad, also known as an anchor ad, is one that remains visible when the user scrolls down the page and stays in exactly the same position when the user scrolls up and down.

What Is A Native Ad

What Is A Native Ad?

Difficulty: Medium

A native ad is a type of online advertisement that is designed to blend in with the content around the page, provide a better user experience and generate higher conversion rates for advertisers and higher chances of revenue for publishers.

What Is A Popup Ad

What Is A Popup Ad?

Difficulty: Medium

A popup ad is a type of advertising that generates ads in a new browser window or covers parts of the webpage with JavaScript to generate an action from a visitor.

What Is PPC

What Is PPC?

Difficulty: Medium

Stands for pay per click. PPC is a paid online advertising method where advertisers are charged each time a visitor clicks on one of their ads and is directed to the advertiser's website.

What Is CPM

What Is CPM?

Difficulty: Medium

Stands for cost per mille. CPM represents the amount of money an advertiser has to pay a publisher every 1000 impressions, which means every time one of their ads...

What Is CPC

What Is CPC?

Difficulty: Medium

Stands for cost per click. CPC represents the amount of money an advertiser will have to pay to a publisher each time their PPC ad is clicked on.

What Is An Orphan Page

What Is An Orphan Page?

Difficulty: Medium

An orphan page, also known as an orphaned page, is a webpage that exists, but has no hyperlinks pointing to it from any other page and can only be found by knowing and typing the URL.

What Is A Dead-End Page

What Is A Dead-End Page?

Difficulty: Medium

A dead-end page is a webpage with no internal or external links, creating a 'dead-end', and forcing users to click the back button in their browser.

What Is An Internal Link

What Is An Internal Link?

Difficulty: Easy

An internal link is a hyperlink from one webpage to another within the same website or domain name. For example, if a website linked to its contact page in the footer...

What Is A Favicon

What Is A Favicon?

Difficulty: Medium

A favicon, also known as a shortcut icon, tab icon, website icon, or bookmark icon, is a small icon associated with a website or webpage that is displayed in the address bar...

What Is User-Generated Content

What Is User-Generated Content?

Difficulty: Medium

User-generated content, also known as user-created content, or UGC, refers to any content that has been provided to a website by users rather than the webmaster.

What Is A Blog

What Is A Blog?

Difficulty: Easy

A blog is an informational website regularly updated by an individual or small group of individuals that is published on the internet for anyone to read.

What Is An Interstitial Ad

What Is An Interstitial Ad?

Difficulty: Medium

An interstitial ad is an interactive, full-screen ad that covers the interface of their app or website. They are similar to popup ads, but their full-screen coverage is what differentiates them from other types.

What Is Cross-Site Scripting

What Is Cross-Site Scripting?

Difficulty: Medium

Cross-site scripting, also known as XSS, is a type of website vulnerability that allows an attacker to inject malicious client-side scripts into a webpage for users.

What Is A Wiki

What Is A Wiki?

Difficulty: Medium

A wiki is a collaborative website edited by an online community of users. Anyone can create content and edit each other's content at any time, allowing multiple people to share their knowledge of certain topics and update information.

What Is A Website Conversion

What Is A Website Conversion?

Difficulty: Medium

A website conversion occurs when a user performs a desired action on a website, such as filling out a contact form, purchasing a product, signing up for a newsletter, or sharing a post on social media.

What Is A Dropdown Menu

What Is A Dropdown Menu?

Difficulty: Medium

In web design, a dropdown menu, also known as a dropdown list, is a prebuilt user interface element that offers a list of options that remains hidden until the user hovers over or clicks on the button or text.

What Is Web Navigation

What Is Web Navigation?

Difficulty: Easy

Web navigation is a user interface component that allows users to quickly jump from one page to another without having to manually type the URL or search through the website.

What Is A Cookie Policy

What Is A Cookie Policy?

Difficulty: Medium

A cookie policy is a document stating all the active cookies and trackers a website uses along with their purposes, technical details, how to opt out, what they track...

What Is A Website Privacy Policy

What Is A Website Privacy Policy?

Difficulty: Medium

A website privacy policy is a legal document disclosing the ways a website collects, stores, uses, protects, and handles personal user data.

What Is A Website Terms Of Use

What Is A Website Terms Of Use?

Difficulty: Easy

A website terms of use, also known as a terms of service, terms and conditions, or a ToS, is a legal document that contains the rules, regulations, and liability disclaimers of a website that apply to all visitors.

What Is A Link Scheme

What Is A Link Scheme?

Difficulty: Medium

A link scheme, also known as a link farm, is a type of link building that artificially boosts the ranking of a webpage through manipulation of the number of backlinks pointing to that page.

What Is A Doorway Page

What Is A Doorway Page?

Difficulty: Medium

A doorway page, also known as a gateway page, bridge page, jump page, or portal page, is a webpage that is stuffed with keywords in order to trick search engines into thinking that it has high-quality content when it actually has content of little value for users.

What Is Page Swapping

What Is Page Swapping?

Difficulty: Medium

Page swapping is a black hat SEO technique that involves completely changing a page after it has been ranked and indexed by search engines in order to manipulate the search engine ranking for certain keywords in the SERP page.

What Is A Hit

What Is A Hit?

Difficulty: Medium

On a web server, a hit is a request to a file or a resource. It could be a HTML file, image, JavaScript file, CSS file, video, or anything else.

What Is Website Speed

What Is Website Speed?

Difficulty: Medium

Website speed refers to how quickly the pages of a website load in a visitor's web browser. A website with a fast page speed will load pages quicker...

What Is A Website Footer

What Is A Website Footer?

Difficulty: Easy

A website footer is a section of a website, located right at the bottom of every webpage, that contains important information and links.

What Is A Contact Page

What Is A Contact Page?

Difficulty: Easy

A contact page is a webpage that allows visitors to communicate with the individual or company that owns or maintains the website.

What Is A Homepage

What Is A Homepage?

Difficulty: Easy

A homepage, also known as a main page, welcome page, landing page, or front page is the main page of a website that users see when they first visit it.