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What Is Above The Fold

What Is Above The Fold?

Difficulty: Medium

Above the fold describes the upper part of a webpage that a visitor sees before scrolling down. The 'fold' is where the browser window ends, but the rest of the webpage can be viewed by scrolling down.

What Is WooCommerce

What Is WooCommerce?

Difficulty: Medium

WooCommerce is a free and open-source ecommerce plugin for WordPress designed to make it easy to sell products and services on a WordPress website. It was launched on 27th September 2011.

What Is Joomla

What Is Joomla?

Difficulty: Medium

Joomla is a free and open-source CMS written in PHP used to add and publish web content and simplify the process of updating and writing content for a website.

What Is A Rich Snippet

What Is A Rich Snippet?

Difficulty: Medium

A rich snippet is an enhanced snippet in the search results that contains additional information. The additional information could be structured data, such as the star rating...

What Is A Sponsored Post

What Is A Sponsored Post?

Difficulty: Medium

A sponsored post, also known as a promoted post, or a paid post is a post that is paid for by an advertiser and labelled as an ad to drive traffic to the advertiser's website.

What Is Bing Webmaster Tools

What Is Bing Webmaster Tools?

Difficulty: Medium

Bing Webmaster Tools is a free service provided by Bing that allows website owners to monitor the overall performance of their website in the Bing search results.

What Is Google Search Console

What Is Google Search Console?

Difficulty: Medium

Google Search Console is a free web service provided by Google that allows website owners to monitor the presence of their website in the Google search results.

What Is Exit Rate

What Is Exit Rate?

Difficulty: Medium

Exit rate is the percentage of visitors that exit a certain page after visiting any number of pages on the website. For example, if a visitor landed on Page A, clicked on...

What Is The Nofollow Attribute

What Is The Nofollow Attribute?

Difficulty: Medium

The nofollow attribute is a HTML attribute used to instruct search engine bots to ignore the URL and not follow it. If a website links to an external site...

What Is Keyword Prominence

What Is Keyword Prominence?

Difficulty: Medium

Keyword prominence refers to how prominent a keyword is within a webpage. The prominence of keywords is determined by how close they are to the beginning of the...

What Is An External Link

What Is An External Link?

Difficulty: Easy

An external link is a hyperlink pointing from one website to a different website located on a different domain name.

What Is Adblocking

What Is Adblocking?

Difficulty: Medium

Adblocking, also known as ad filtering is a software capability for preventing online ads from displaying in a web browser by blocking requests to ad servers that deliver the ads.

What Is Keyword Cannibalisation

What Is Keyword Cannibalisation?

Difficulty: Medium

Keyword cannibalisation happens when two or more pages on the same website are optimised for the same keywords and compete against each other for ranking.

What Is A Featured Snippet

What Is A Featured Snippet?

Difficulty: Medium

A featured snippet is a short snippet of text that appears right at the top of the Google's organic search results to quickly and clearly answer a searcher's question.

What Is Code-To-Text Ratio

What Is Code-To-Text Ratio?

Difficulty: Medium

Code-to-text ratio is the percentage of a webpage that contains text compared to the amount of HTML markup needed to display it.

What Is A Manual Action

What Is A Manual Action?

Difficulty: Medium

A manual action is a temporary penalty issued by Google for violating their webmaster guidelines. These happen when a member of Google’s team has determined...

What Is Link Velocity

What Is Link Velocity?

Difficulty: Medium

Link velocity is the rate a page or a website is getting backlinks over a certain period of time. It is usually measured in the number of...

What Is Keyword Stemming

What Is Keyword Stemming?

Difficulty: Medium

Keyword stemming is Google’s ability to understand different forms of the same keyword in a search query. It is called keyword stemming as it takes the root or stem...

What Is The HTML b Tag

What Is The HTML <b> Tag?

Difficulty: Medium

The HTML <b> tag is found within the <body> tag and is used to make text bold without adding any extra importance to it.

What Is Click Depth

What Is Click Depth?

Difficulty: Medium

Click depth is the total number of internal links a user must click through to access a page on a website.

What Is A Branded Keyword

What Is A Branded Keyword?

Difficulty: Medium

A branded keyword is a keyword that includes the name of a brand or variations of it. Branded keywords can also be related to the product or services of a brand.

What Is Yoast

What Is Yoast?

Difficulty: Medium

Yoast is a company that specialises in optimising for search engines and CMS SEO plugins. Most people that use WordPress know Yoast from their Yoast SEO plugin.

What Is Keyword Difficulty

What Is Keyword Difficulty?

Difficulty: Medium

Keyword difficulty is a metric that estimates how difficult it would be to rank on the first page of Google for a specific keyword, based on factors, such as backlinks, organic search competition, relevance, and quality of content.

What Is Keyword Research

What Is Keyword Research?

Difficulty: Medium

Keyword research is the process of identifying words and phrases and understanding how a website is ranking or could rank for them.

What Is Search Volume

What Is Search Volume?

Difficulty: Medium

Search volume refers to the number of times that a specific keyword was searched for in a given period of time, such as every month.

What Is CPI

What Is CPI?

Difficulty: Medium

Stands for Cost Per Install. CPI is a paid online advertising method limited to mobile applications and mobile advertising.

What Is SSI

What Is SSI?

Difficulty: Advanced

Stands for Server-Side Includes. SSI is a World Wide Web scripting language used to include Apache executable instructions that are run by a web server.

What Is The HTML i Tag

What Is The HTML <i> Tag?

Difficulty: Medium

The <i> is used to define text in an alternative style from the normal text to differentiate specific words.

What Is Cyber Monday

What Is Cyber Monday?

Difficulty: Easy

Cyber Monday is the first Monday that comes after the US Thanksgiving holiday and Black Friday. Cyber Monday focuses on online shopping and most online retailers offer special promotions and discounts on this day.


What Is XHTML?

Difficulty: Medium

XHTML is an XML-based version of HTML that extends HTML and XML and allows it to work with other data formats, such as XML.