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What Is Piggybacking

What Is Piggybacking?

Difficulty: Medium

In wireless communications, piggybacking, also known as Wi-Fi squatting, refers to the unauthorised use of someone else’s wirel...

What Is A Crossover Cable

What Is A Crossover Cable?

Difficulty: Medium

A crossover cable is a type of Ethernet cable that directly connects two computers together without the use of a central router...

What Is A Zero-Configuration Network

What Is A Zero-Configuration Network?

Difficulty: Medium

A zero-configuration network, also known as an autonet or a zeroconf is a network that requires no manual configuration of net...

What Is The Payload

What Is The Payload?

Difficulty: Advanced

The payload refers to the data that is within a data packet and the only data that is received by the destination system. It is...

What Is A Semi-Dedicated Server

What Is A Semi-Dedicated Server?

Difficulty: Medium

A dedicated server is a service provided by a hosting provider that allows a user to rent an entire physical server for their o...

What Is A Dedicated Server

What Is A Dedicated Server?

Difficulty: Medium

A dedicated server is a service provided by a hosting provider that allows a user to rent an entire physical server for their o...

What Is FileZilla

What Is FileZilla?

Difficulty: Medium

FileZilla is a free FTP client used for remotely connecting to web servers to upload and download files that was released on 22...

What Is A VPS

What Is A VPS?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for a virtual private server, a VPS is a hosting service that provides users with a virtual machine with full superuser/r...

What Is NNTP

What Is NNTP?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for the Network News Transfer Protocol, NNTP is a protocol used for transferring Usenet articles, news, and files from one serv...

What Is RJ45

What Is RJ45?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for registered jack 45, RJ45, sometimes spelt RJ-45, is the connector used in Ethernet cables that can be seen at the end...

What Is A Bulletin-Board System

What Is A Bulletin-Board System?

Difficulty: Medium

Often abbreviated to a BBS, a bulletin board system is a server that a user can establish a connection to by using a terminal p...

What Is Usenet

What Is Usenet?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for user’s network, Usenet is an early form of a forum system on the internet that is built on a command-line interface a...

What Is A Cancelbot

What Is A Cancelbot?

Difficulty: Medium

A cancelbot is a program that automatically sends messages to bulletin-board Usenet internet newsgroups to delete certain posti...

What Is A Reverse DNS Lookup

What Is A Reverse DNS Lookup?

Difficulty: Advanced

As suggested in the name, a reverse DNS lookup, also known as an rDNS, is the opposite of a forwards lookup. It works by first....

What Is DNS Hijacking

What Is DNS Hijacking?

Difficulty: Advanced

DNS hijacking, also known as DNS poisoning or DNS redirection is the hijacking of a DNS request. It occurs when a DNS request t...

What Is Uptime

What Is Uptime?

Difficulty: Easy

Uptime refers to the time period when a network or server is up and running. It is the opposite of downtime, which refers to th...

What Is A Bottleneck

What Is A Bottleneck?

Difficulty: Medium

In computing, a bottleneck occurs when one destination becomes overloaded with data, causing a network or server to slow down a...

What Is Data Transfer Rate

What Is Data Transfer Rate?

Difficulty: Medium

Data transfer rate is a measure of the speed that a network device can send data. It specifies the amount of data that can be t...

What Is Routing

What Is Routing?

Difficulty: Medium

Routing is the process of selecting a path for a data packet to be transported from source to destination. Routers are response...

What Is Network-Attached Storage

What Is Network-Attached Storage?

Difficulty: Medium

Often abbreviated to NAS, network-attached storage is a single storage device that connects to a LAN. Instead of computers shar...

What Is FTTP

What Is FTTP?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for fibre to the premises, FTTP is one of the fastest types of broadband available, since all of the cables are fibre opt...

What Is Downtime

What Is Downtime?

Difficulty: Easy

Downtime refers to the time when a network or a server is inaccessible due to congestion, maintenance, rebooting, physical disc...

What Is DSL

What Is DSL?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for digital subscriber line, DSL is a broadband technology that is used to transmit digital signals over telephone lines....

What Is A Data Centre

What Is A Data Centre?

Difficulty: Medium

A data centre is a location in a building where computer systems, web servers, mail servers, file servers, and storage systems....

What Is A CDN

What Is A CDN?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for a content delivery network, a CDN is a group of servers distributed in different geographical locations that are desi...

What Is Ecommerce

What Is Ecommerce?

Difficulty: Easy

Short for electronic commerce, ecommerce refers to the buying and selling of products electronically on the internet. Ecommerce...

What Is The SIP Protocol

What Is The SIP Protocol?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for session initiation protocol, SIP is a signalling protocol used to initiate, maintain, and terminate real-time communi...

What Is ICMP

What Is ICMP?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for Internet Control Message Protocol, ICMP is in the network layer of the OSI model and it is used to communicate errors...

What Is A Zone File

What Is A Zone File?

Difficulty: Advanced

In DNS, a zone file, also known as a master file, is a text file that contains information about all the resources for a domain....

What Is Jitter

What Is Jitter?

Difficulty: Medium

Jitter refers to small, irregular time delays in the transferring of data packets from one host to another. Jitter is the diffe...