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What Is A Soft 404

What Is A Soft 404?

Difficulty: Advanced

A soft 404 is when the server returns a 200 HTTP status code, indicating that the request is successful, but the webpage or content is missing.


What Is URL SEO?

Difficulty: Medium

URL SEO is the process of optimising URLs for SEO so that they can be understood by users and search engines more easily. Although URLs have almost no impact on SEO as a direct ranking factor...

What Is A Permalink

What Is A Permalink?

Difficulty: Medium

A permalink is a static link that is designed to remain unchanged in the future and keep its name and structure in the future even if changes are made to the content of the page that they identify.

What Is A Horizontal Search Engine

What Is A Horizontal Search Engine?

Difficulty: Medium

A horizontal search engine is a general-purpose search engine that horizontally searches through the whole web and focuses on all types of online content rather than...

What Is The HTML Ol Tag

What Is The HTML <ol> Tag?

Difficulty: Medium

In HTML, the <ol> tag is used to define an ordered list, which groups items that have a numerical or alphabetical ordering.

What Is A Vertical Search Engine

What Is A Vertical Search Engine?

Difficulty: Medium

A vertical search engine, also known as a topical search engine, or a speciality search engine, is one that only focuses on a specific type of content.

What Is Mobile Optimisation

What Is Mobile Optimisation?

Difficulty: Medium

Mobile optimisation is the process of creating websites that work well on mobile devices. As the number of users browsing websites using mobile devices...

What Is Cornerstone Content

What Is Cornerstone Content?

Difficulty: Medium

Cornerstone content is the high-quality and core content of a website whose keywords are intended to rank higher on search engines than the other content and be broad and valuable for users.

What Is Referral Traffic

What Is Referral Traffic?

Difficulty: Medium

Referral traffic describes traffic that comes from people clicking hyperlinks from one website to another. Any traffic that comes from sites other than the major search engines...

What Is Website Traffic

What Is Website Traffic?

Difficulty: Medium

Website traffic refers to the number of visitors and page views a website receives in a given period of time.

What Is The HTML <ul> Tag

What Is The HTML <ul> Tag?

Difficulty: Medium

In HTML, the <ul> tag is used to define an unordered (bulleted) list, which groups items that do not have a numerical ordering.

What Is Video SEO

What Is Video SEO?

Difficulty: Medium

Video SEO is the process of optimising videos for a website so that they can be crawled, processed, understood, and indexed by Google, Bing, and other search engines more quickly.

What Is A HTML Form

What Is A HTML Form?

Difficulty: Medium

In HTML, a form is an interactive element on a webpage used to process and collect user input.

What Is The HTML Big Tag

What Is The HTML <big> Tag?

Difficulty: Medium

The HTML big tag is used to define larger text. It renders the text within the tags at a size one font larger than the rest of the text.

What Is Image SEO

What Is Image SEO?

Difficulty: Medium

Image SEO is the process of optimising images for a website so that they can be crawled, processed, understood, and indexed by search engines more easily.

What Is Semantic Search

What Is Semantic Search?

Difficulty: Medium

Semantic search refers to a search engine's ability to understand the meaning behind a search query and display more relevant results even when...

What Is A Website Relaunch

What Is A Website Relaunch?

Difficulty: Easy

A website relaunch is a complete revamp of a website. This basically replaces the existing website with a better and newer version.

What Is Conversion Rate Optimisation

What Is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Difficulty: Medium

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is the process of increasing the percentage of website visitors that perform a desired action, such as buying a product or filling out a personal information form.

What Is Conversion Rate

What Is Conversion Rate?

Difficulty: Medium

Conversion rate is the percentage of users that have performed a desired action on a website (a conversion)..

What Is Google Analytics

What Is Google Analytics?

Difficulty: Medium

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service offered by Google that allows website owners to track and display website traffic along with other data.

What Is Search Engine Cache

What Is Search Engine Cache?

Difficulty: Medium

Search engine cache is a cache of webpages that can be viewed in SERPs. When a page is crawled, it collects the contents of the page in order for it to be indexed.

What Is A Multi-Page Website

What Is A Multi-Page Website?

Difficulty: Easy

A multi-page website is a website that contains multiple pages, including subpages, additional pages, categories, and anything similar.

What Is A Single-Page Website

What Is A Single-Page Website?

Difficulty: Easy

A single-page website, also known as a one-page website, or a one-pager, is a website that only contains one HTML page and no subpages, additional pages, categories, or anything similar.

What Is The Htpasswd File

What Is The .Htpasswd File?

Difficulty: Advanced

.htpasswd file is used to store usernames and passwords for basic authentication of HTTP users when password protecting a file.

What Is A Website Redesign

What Is A Website Redesign?

Difficulty: Easy

A website redesign is the process of rebuilding or visually upgrading the design of a site, which includes changing the layout, format, structure, colours...


What Is CHTML?

Difficulty: Medium

Stands for compact HTML. CHTML is a simplified version of HTML designed for smaller devices, such as smartphones and personal digital assistants.

What Is Deep Link Ratio

What Is Deep Link Ratio?

Difficulty: Medium

Deep link ratio is the percentage of backlinks pointing to a specific page on a website rather than the homepage.

What Is Parallax Scrolling

What Is Parallax Scrolling?

Difficulty: Medium

Parallax scrolling is a web design technique where the background content moves past at a different speed than the foreground whilst scrolling.


What Is DHTML?

Difficulty: Medium

Stands for Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language. DHTML refers to a combination of markup, stylesheet, and scripting languages used to make webpages interactive.

What Is User Experience Design

What Is User Experience Design?

Difficulty: Medium

User experience design, also known as UX design, or UXD, is an area of web design that refers to...