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What Is Ping

What Is Ping?

Difficulty: Medium

Ping is a software application that uses a command-line interface to test the reachability of a computer network by sending a s...

What Is A HTTP Status Code

What Is A HTTP Status Code?

Difficulty: Medium

A HTTP status code is a three-digit code that identifies the status of a HTTP request on the World Wide Web. For example, the H...

What Is A Domain Registry

What Is A Domain Registry?

Difficulty: Medium

A domain registry is a company that maintains a database of all domain names and associated registrant information. In the hire...

What Is A Hub

What Is A Hub?

Difficulty: Medium

A hub is the most basic type of network device that connects multiple devices in a network to each other and is in the physical...

What Is A Personal Area Network

What Is A Personal Area Network?

Difficulty: Medium

Often abbreviated to a PAN, a personal area network is a small network designed to connect devices, such as desktop computers.....

What Is An SLD

What Is An SLD?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for a second-level domain, an SLD, also known as a 2LD is the custom name that appears before the TLD, usually com, net,....

What Is QoS

What Is QoS?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for quality of service, QoS is the prioritisation of network traffic, such as video and audio and it only applies to netw...

What Is A Server

What Is A Server?

Difficulty: Easy

A server is a computer that handles requests and delivers data over a network. For example, a web server stores webpages and im...

What Is IPv6

What Is IPv6?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Internet Protocol Version 6, IPv6, also known as IPng or IP Next Generation is the more recent and advanced version o...

What Is IPv4

What Is IPv4?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Internet Protocol Version 4, IPv4 is the most common type of IP address. It is the fourth version of an IP address th...

What Is Social Networking

What Is Social Networking?

Difficulty: Easy

Social networking is the use of dedicated applications to interact with other users online, normally family, friends, relatives...

What Is Broadband

What Is Broadband?

Difficulty: Easy

Broadband, also known as wideband is a telecommunications technology that provides high-speed data transmission through physica...

What Is A Host

What Is A Host?

Difficulty: Medium

A host refers to a computer or device that is connected to a network. Hosts are accessible over a network and communicate with...

What Is A RFC

What Is An RFC?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Request For Comments, an RFC is an official document from the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) which forms the ...

What Is Tunnelling

What Is Tunnelling?

Difficulty: Medium

Tunnelling is a technology that enables data to be moved from one network to another. In other words, it enables one network to...

What Is DHCP

What Is DHCP?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, DHCP is a network configuration protocol that automatically assigns an IP addres...

What Is A Subnetwork

What Is A Subnetwork?

Difficulty: Medium

A subnetwork, also known as a subnet is a part of a larger network. It is a separately identifiable part of a network, often a LA...

What Is BGP

What Is BGP?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for Border Gateway Protocol, BGP is a protocol designed to make the internet function properly by enabling data routing a...

What Is An Autonomous System

What Is An Autonomous System?

Difficulty: Medium

An autonomous system, often abbreviated to an AS is a large network or group of networks that make up the internet. Each autono...

What Is The SOCKS Protocol

What Is The SOCKS Protocol?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for the Socket Secure protocol, SOCKS is a protocol used for transferring data between the source and the server through....

What Is A Keyboard Shortcut

What Is A Keyboard Shortcut?

Difficulty: Easy

A keyboard shortcut, also known as a hotkey, a shortcut key, an accelerator key, or an access key is a key combination that is....

What Is Network Congestion

What Is Network Congestion?

Difficulty: Easy

Network congestion is a disruption to the normal flow of traffic to a network, caused by it receiving more traffic than it can....

What Is Cloud Computing

What Is Cloud Computing?

Difficulty: Medium

Cloud computing refers to any hosted service that is delivered over the internet. In other words, it is the use of computing po...

What Is A URL

What Is A URL?

Difficulty: Easy

Short for a uniform resource locator, a URL is the address of a webpage or file on the internet. It uniquely identifies the l...

What Is A Routing Table

What Is A Routing Table?

Difficulty: Advanced

A routing table is a set of rules where routing information is stored and viewed in a table format that acts as a map, where th...

What Is A Hop

What Is A Hop?

Difficulty: Advanced

In computing, a hop is known as a router or a gateway that is an intermediary device between two different remote hosts, nodes,...

What Is Wireless

What Is Wireless?

Difficulty: Easy

Wireless is an adjective that describes network technologies that enable devices, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets, to...

What Is A Gateway

What Is A Gateway?

Difficulty: Medium

A gateway is a node that stands in the middle of different networks. In a similar way to how a gateway in the everyday world is...

What Is The RIP Protocol

What Is The RIP Protocol?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for the routing information protocol, RIP is a protocol that makes use of the hop count as a routing metric and prevents ...

What Is The OSI Model

What Is The OSI Model?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for Open Systems Interconnections model, the OSI model defines seven layers that devices use for communicating over a net...