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What Is A Printer

What Is A Printer?

Difficulty: Easy

A printer is an output device that receives electronic data from a computer and prints documents on paper as a hard copy. For example, a printer can be used to...

What Is A Passphrase

What Is A Passphrase?

Difficulty: Easy

A passphrase is a sequence of words and letters, separated by spaces that is used to authenticate a user before signing in. They are used in combination with usernames.

What Are Speakers

What Are Speakers?

Difficulty: Easy

Speakers are output devices used by computers to generate sound that can be heard by the listener. They are most commonly used to listen to music and take part in VoIP conversations.

What Is A Computer Monitor

What Is A Computer Monitor?

Difficulty: Easy

A monitor is a basic output device that receives and interprets signals from the graphics card of the computer and displays it in the form of graphic images, videos, and text, providing real-time feedback as users work or play.

How To Spot Money Making Scams Online

How To Spot Money-Making Scams Online?

Difficulty: Easy

Money-making scams, also known as 'make money online' scams or 'work at home' scams claim to give a large amount of money for one thing, but don't actually do what they claimed and mislead users of their true intent.

What Is An Output Device

What Is An Output Device?

Difficulty: Easy

An output device is any physical hardware device that receives incoming data from a digital device and outputs it to the user. The most commonly used output devices are...

What Is An Input Device

What Is An Input Device?

Difficulty: Easy

An input device is any physical hardware device that sends data to a computer system. The most commonly used input devices are the keyboard and mouse, but there are lots of provide input to a computer.

What Is A USB Flash Drive

What Is A USB Flash Drive?

Difficulty: Easy

A USB flash drive, also known as a pen drive, thumb drive, USB keychain drive, memory stick, or simply a flash drive, is a small portable storage device that has a built-in USB connector and uses flash memory.

What Is Compression

What Is Compression?

Difficulty: Medium

Compression is the process of reducing the number of bits needed to represent data to reduce the file size, saving storage space and speeding up file transfers.

What Is A Menu-Based Interface

What Is A Menu-Based Interface?

Difficulty: Medium

A menu-based interface, also known as a menu-driven interface, is a type of user interface based on menus that present users with a list of options.

What Is A Command-Line Interface

What Is A Command-Line Interface?

Difficulty: Medium

A command-line interface (CLI), also known as a console-user interface, is a type of user interface based on text commands and a simple text-only interface.

What Is A Graphical User Interface

What Is A Graphical User Interface?

Difficulty: Medium

A graphical user interface (GUI) is a type of user interface based on graphical icons, windows, buttons, dialogue boxes, menu bars, tabs, toolbars, and images.

What Is A Backup

What Is A Backup?

Difficulty: Easy

A backup is a copy of data in case the original data gets lost, deleted, overwritten, or becomes unusable. Whilst backups do not prevent any unexpected events...

What Is A Fork Bomb

What Is A Fork Bomb?

Difficulty: Medium

A fork bomb, also known as a rabbit virus, is a type of DoS attack where an existing process is taken and continuously replicated to start new processes.

What Is Webcam Hijacking

What Is Webcam Hijacking?

Difficulty: Medium

Webcam hijacking, also known as camfecting, is the act of activating a user's webcam remotely over the internet and gaining access to it without their permission or knowledge.

What Is A CD

What Is A CD?

Difficulty: Easy

Stands for a Compact Disc. A CD is a type of portable optical storage media most commonly used to store digital audio recordings and data.

What Is A DVD

What Is A DVD?

Difficulty: Easy

Stands for a Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc. A DVD is a type of optical media which can store any kind of digital data.

What Is ROM

What Is ROM?

Difficulty: Medium

Stands for Read Only Memory. ROM is a form of permanent and non-volatile memory that computers can read but not write to or remove.

How To Spot Misinformation Online

How To Spot Misinformation Online?

Difficulty: Easy

Misinformation is false or inaccurate information designed to deceive other people. Since anyone can post something online...

What Is Cryptojacking

What Is Cryptojacking?

Difficulty: Medium

Cryptojacking is the unauthorised use of someone else's computing resources to mine cryptocurrency. Cryptojacking malware often installs...

How To Spot Fake Reviews Online

How To Spot Fake Reviews Online?

Difficulty: Easy

Online reviews are a useful way of seeing what other people think of a product or service before signing up for a subscription or making a purchase.

What Is Spoofing

What Is Spoofing?

Difficulty: Medium

Spoofing is the act of pretending to be something or someone else to deceive other users. This is accomplished by disguising the identity of...

What Is An Intrusion Prevention System

What Is An Intrusion Prevention System?

Difficulty: Medium

An intrusion prevention system (IPS), also known as an intrusion detection prevention system is a security system that protects an organisation's network from malicious activity.

What Is Cybersecurity

What Is Cybersecurity?

Difficulty: Easy

Cybersecurity is the practice of using measures to protect systems and networks against the unauthorised or criminal use of data and malicious attacks.

Top 10 Scariest Facts About The Internet

Top 10 Scariest Facts About The Internet

Difficulty: Easy

The internet has become a very useful method of sharing files, resources, and other information with people all around the world. However, it is unfortunate that people also use it for malicious purposes.

What Is The HTML Cite Tag

What Is The HTML <cite> Tag?

Difficulty: Medium

In HTML, the <cite> tag is used to provide a reference or title to a piece of work, like books, paintings, poems, songs, films, etc.

What Is The HTML Iframe Tag

What Is The HTML <iframe> Tag?

Difficulty: Medium

In HTML, the <iframe> tag is used to specify an inline frame within a HTML document, which loads a webpage inside another webpage.

What Is A Cyberattack

What Is A Cyberattack?

Difficulty: Easy

A cyberattack is an intentional attempt to disrupt or harm a computer system or network. Cyberattacks are performed by cybercriminals with malicious intent.

What Is Cybercrime

What Is Cybercrime?

Difficulty: Easy

Cybercrime is a type of criminal activity carried out by a computer and a network. A person that engages in cybercrime is known as a cybercriminal.

What Is An Internet Troll

What Is An Internet Troll?

Difficulty: Medium

An internet troll is a person online who intentionally causes disruption by posting off-topic, upsetting, controversial, or disturbing content or messages in order to get a reaction out of people.