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What Is Alpha Software

What Is Alpha Software?

Difficulty: Medium

Alpha software is a pre-release version of software in the early testing phase. It has enough basic functions to be used, but lacks most of the features that will be included in the final version.

What Is Customer Relationship Management

What Is Customer Relationship Management?

Difficulty: Medium

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to strategies and technologies that businesses use to analyse and manage relationships with customers and customer interactions.

What Is A Browser Extension

What Is A Browser Extension?

Difficulty: Medium

A browser extension is a small add-on that adds extra functionality or capabilities to a web browser. Extensions are usually used to add new...

What Is A User Interface

What Is A User Interface?

Difficulty: Medium

A user interface, often abbreviated to a UI, is the space that allows users to interact with a software application, website, or hardware device.

What Is Multimedia

What Is Multimedia?

Difficulty: Easy

Multimedia refers to the combination of different content forms, such as text, audio, images, animations, and video into a single presentation.

What Is Metadata

What Is Metadata?

Difficulty: Medium

Metadata is data that gives information about other data to help understand the structure, nature, and context.

What Is The Open Accessibility Framework

What Is The Open Accessibility Framework?

Difficulty: Medium

The Open Accessibility Framework (OAF) was released by the AEGIS as a guideline for ensuring that any IT system is accessible, including desktop and mobile devices.

What Is Web Publishing

What Is Web Publishing?

Difficulty: Easy

Web publishing, also known as online publishing, refers to the process of publishing content on the internet. This includes developing and uploading websites, updating webpages, and blogging.

What Is Viral Content

What Is Viral Content?

Difficulty: Easy

Viral content refers to content that has received a high level of awareness, popularity, and shares, within a short period of time and quickly spreads around the internet.

What Is BSOD

What Is BSOD?

Difficulty: Medium

Stands for Blue Screen of Death. A BSOD is a full-screen, blue error message displayed by Windows when it has run into a critical error that causes the computer to stop responding.

What Is BIOS

What Is BIOS?

Difficulty: Medium

Stands for Basic Input/Output system. BIOS, pronounced "bye-oss" is a firmware program stored on a ROM chip on the motherboard that provides a user interface for accessing and setting up the computer at the most basic level.

What Is A Vector Graphic

What Is A Vector Graphic?

Difficulty: Medium

A vector graphic is a digital image that consists of points, paths, curves, geometric shapes, and mathematical relationships that connect them to create an image.

What Are Raster Graphics

What Are Raster Graphics?

Difficulty: Medium

Raster graphics, also known as bitmaps, are computer graphics made up of tiny rectangular pixels arranged in a grid formation that can represent an image.

What Is Firmware

What Is Firmware?

Difficulty: Medium

Firmware is a type of software embedded in the ROM that contains the programming needed to boot a device and the instructions it needs to operate and communicate with other hardware.

What Is Database Software

What Is Beta Software?

Difficulty: Medium

Beta software is a pre-release of software that is in the process of being tested. It is not officially released and may contain bugs or performance issues.

What Is Database Software

What Is Database Software?

Difficulty: Easy

Database software is a type of productivity software used to create, edit, and manage databases. Databases can be about absolutely anything, including inventory, customer details, sales transactions, etc.

What Is A WIMP Interface

What Is A WIMP Interface?

Difficulty: Medium

Stands for Windows, Icons, Menus, and Pointers. WIMP describes a GUI that uses a pointer, such as a mouse cursor, to navigate and interact with the computer using windows, icons, and menus.

What Is A Keystroke

What Is A Keystroke?

Difficulty: Easy

A keystroke is an instance of pressing a key on a keyboard. This includes both physical and on-screen keyboards. Every keystroke sends a signal to...

What Is Net Neutrality

What Is Net Neutrality?

Difficulty: Medium

Net neutrality is the principle that ISPs should treat all internet traffic equally. Regardless of the device, application, platform, or protocol...

Top 12 Password Myths

Top 12 Password Myths

Difficulty: Easy

Over time, there have been common myths about passwords which come from common "guides" about password security. These can actually make your passwords weaker and give you a false sense of security.

What Is Internet Censorship

What Is Internet Censorship?

Difficulty: Medium

Internet censorship is the control of what can be accessed or viewed online. For example, in some countries, users may not have access to some websites as access may be blocked by their ISP.

What Is The Dark Web

What Is The Dark Web?

Difficulty: Medium

The dark web is part of the World Wide Web content that is intentionally hidden and can only be accessed by special software, configurations, or authorisation.

What Is Presentation Software

What Is Presentation Software?

Difficulty: Easy

Presentation software is a type of productivity software to create and edit slideshows in order to present information to an audience.

What Is Word Processing Software

What Is Word Processing Software?

Difficulty: Easy

Word processing software is used to create and edit text and images to produce documents that can be saved electronically and printed out.

What Is Spreadsheet Software

What Is Spreadsheet Software?

Difficulty: Easy

Spreadsheet software is used to organise data into grids of rows and columns. It assigns a letter to each column.

What Is A Mail Merge

What Is A Mail Merge?

Difficulty: Medium

A mail merge is the process of producing multiple letters or documents that are personalised to each recipient. This allows standard letters or documents to be easily customised.

What Is A URL Slug

What Is A URL Slug?

Difficulty: Medium

A URL slug is the end part of the URL after the backslash that identifies the content of a webpage.

What Is A Bot

What Is A Bot?

Difficulty: Medium

A bot is an automated program or script that is programmed to perform certain tasks. They operate much faster than human users because they are automated.

What Is A CMP

What Is A CMP?

Difficulty: Medium

Stands for a Consent Management Platform. A CMP is a technology used by websites to allow users to give their consent for websites to process their personal data using cookies or trackers.

What Is Machine Learning

What Is Machine Learning?

Difficulty: Medium

Machine learning is a type of AI that focuses on algorithms that can learn and adapt from historical data without explicitly being instructed.