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What Is Average Session Duration

What Is Average Session Duration?

Difficulty: Medium

Average session duration refers to how long, on average, users spend on a website or platform during a single session.

What Is Return Visitor Rate

What Is Return Visitor Rate?

Difficulty: Medium

Return visitor rate is the percentage of users that return to a website in a specific period of time after their first visit.

What Is Nagware

What Is Nagware?

Difficulty: Medium

Nagware is a type of software that frequently interrupts users with popup messages, asking them to register the software, upgrade to the premium version, or take another form of action.

What Is Bundleware

What Is Bundleware?

Difficulty: Medium

Bundleware is a type of software that installs other programs in addition to a specific software program. It got its name from people bundling together different programs into one installation package.

What Is Shovelware

What Is Shovelware?

Difficulty: Medium

Shovelware describes unwanted software that is bundled with software valuable to users. It is known more for the quantity of what is included, not the quality or usefulness.

What Is Dribbleware

What Is Dribbleware?

Difficulty: Medium

Dribbleware describes software that has not been properly tested before its release and is characterised by frequent updates, patches, and fixes that end users have to deal with.

What Is Email Marketing

What Is Email Marketing?

Difficulty: Medium

Email marketing is the use of email to increase website traffic. This is a good way of keeping in touch with customers and can be used to promote special offers, discounts, and other notices.

What Is User Testing

What Is User Testing?

Difficulty: Medium

User testing is the process of testing the usability, functionality, and overall user experience by collecting feedback from users.

What Is Keyword Advertising

What Is Keyword Advertising?

Difficulty: Medium

Keyword advertising is a method of online advertising which allows users to be targeted based on the keywords they enter in a search engine.

What Is A Web Ring

What Is A Web Ring?

Difficulty: Medium

A web ring is a group of websites linked together around a similar topic or theme. They are linked together in a "ring" as clicking through all the websites in the ring will eventually lead back to the originating website.

What Is A Print Server

What Is A Print Server?

Difficulty: Medium

A print server is a type of server that connects printers to client computers over a network. It manages print requests and makes printer queue status information available.

What Is Cloud Waste

What Is Cloud Waste?

Difficulty: Medium

Cloud waste refers to unused cloud services, which result in unnecessary spending. This often happens when home users or businesses...

What Is A Landing Page

What Is A Landing Page?

Difficulty: Medium

A landing page is a webpage that serves as the entry point for a website or a specific section of it.

What Is A File Server

What Is A File Server?

Difficulty: Medium

A file server is a computer system that stores and manages data files so that they can be accessed by other computers.

What Is A Web Server

What Is A Mail Server?

Difficulty: Medium

A mail server, also known as an email server, is a computer system that handles and delivers emails over a network.

What Is A Web Server

What Is A Web Server?

Difficulty: Medium

A web server is a computer system that stores webpages, images, and other files, and provides them to the client when it receives a request.

What Is The Difference Between Facebook and Twitter

What Is The Difference Between Facebook and Twitter?

Difficulty: Easy

Facebook and Twitter are two large social media platforms that help individuals and businesses connect with each other.

What Is A Push Notification

What Is A Push Notification?

Difficulty: Medium

A push notification is a message directly sent to a computing device without a specific request from the client.

What Is End Of Life

What Is End Of Life?

Difficulty: Medium

End of life (EOL) is used in IT to describe products that are no longer maintained or supported by the software developer or hardware manufacturer. It symbolises the last stage of the product lifecycle.

What Is An Internal Hard Drive

What Is An Internal Hard Drive?

Difficulty: Medium

An internal hard drive is a type of hard drive located inside a computer case. It is a key component of a computer since it stores the operating system.

What Is A Crash

What Is A Crash?

Difficulty: Easy

A crash occurs when a software application or operating system stops working properly and terminates.

What Is A Bug

What Is A Bug?

Difficulty: Medium

A bug is an unexpected issue in a software program that causes it to behave in an unintended way or crash.

What Is System Restore

What Is System Restore?

Difficulty: Medium

System Restore is a built-in utility in Windows that allows users to restore their system to a previous state. This allows unwanted changes that...

What Is Horizontal Market Software

What Is Vertical Market Software?

Difficulty: Medium

Vertical market software is a type of software that is developed for a specific industry. It is a niche-market type of software.

What Is Horizontal Market Software

What Is Horizontal Market Software?

Difficulty: Medium

Horizontal market software is a type of software that is not developed for specific industries and is generally useful in a wide range of industries.

What Is Dual-Booting

What Is Dual-Booting?

Difficulty: Medium

Dual-booting, also known as multi-booting, is the act of installing and running multiple operating systems on a single computer.

What Is Stateful Packet Inspection

What Is Stateful Packet Inspection?

Difficulty: Medium

Stateful packet inspection (SPI) is a firewall technology used to determine which packets to allow through the firewall. It filters packets based on state and context.

What Is A Blu-Ray Disc

What Is A Blu-Ray Disc?

Difficulty: Medium

Blu-ray is an optical disc data storage format designed to supersede the DVD format. It is the same physical size as a CD or DVD, but offers more than...

What Is M-Commerce

What Is M-Commerce?

Difficulty: Easy

M-commerce (mobile commerce) refers to the buying and selling of products and services through wireless handheld devices, like smartphones and tablets.

What Is A Dperecated Feature

What Is A Deprecated Feature?

Difficulty: Medium

A deprecated feature is a functionality that still exists in software and may still work but is being phased out and replaced, so usage is not recommended.