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What Is MIME

What Is MIME?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, MIME extends the original SMTP and enables users to use text in character sets...

What Is IMAP

What Is IMAP?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Internet Message Access Protocol, IMAP is an alternative protocol to POP3. It is used for receiving mail and not send...

What Is POP3

What Is POP3?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Post Office Protocol, POP3 is a protocol used for receiving email messages. It is not used for sending messages. The...

What Is SMTP

What Is SMTP?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, SMTP is a protocol used for transferring outgoing mail from one server to another. It...

What Is Information Technology (IT)

What Is Information Technology? (IT)

Difficulty: Easy

Information technology (IT) is the study and use of computer systems, networks, hardware, software, and storage to process and....

What Is IoT

What Is IoT?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Internet of Things, IoT refers to anything that is connected to the internet, which could include a desktop computer....

What Is The Internet Protocol

What Is The Internet Protocol?

Difficulty: Medium

The Internet Protocol, often abbreviated to IP is a set of rules that determine how electronic devices communicate with each to...



Difficulty: Medium

Short for Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, ARPANET was the first network that was developed by the ARPA, led by the D...

What Is XMPP

What Is XMPP?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol, XMPP is a communication protocol used for instant messaging, near-real-ti...

What Is SSH

What Is SSH?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Secure Shell, SSH is the application layer of the TCP/IP protocol suite and a secure method of communicating with a s...

What Is Telnet

What Is Telnet?

Difficulty: Medium

Telnet, short for Teletype Network and sometimes further abbreviated to TN, is the application layer of the TCP/IP protocol sui...

What Is BitTorrent

What Is BitTorrent?

Difficulty: Medium

BitTorrent is a P2P file-sharing protocol that allows users to upload and download files. The files uploaded and downloaded cou...

What Is A Network Administrator

What Is A Network Administrator?

Difficulty: Easy

A network administrator is a person who is responsible for ensuring the reliability, productivity, security, and suitability of...

What Is Streaming

What Is Streaming?

Difficulty: Medium

Streaming is the process of transferring data from the internet, usually audio and video files directly to a device without the...

What Is A Network Port

What Is A Network Port?

Difficulty: Medium

A network port is a unique 16-bit unsigned number that identifies a specific process or type of network service. Ports can rang...

What Is A Network Switch

What Is A Network Switch?

Difficulty: Medium

A network switch, also known as a switching hub or a bridging hub is a device that connects other devices within a network toge...

What Is A Network Backbone

What Is A Network Backbone?

Difficulty: Medium

A network backbone is a part of a computer network that interconnects networks and provides a path for the exchange of information between different LA...

What Is A Chatroom

What Is A Chatroom?

Difficulty: Easy

A chatroom is a place online where users communicate by typed messages. Chatrooms are usually live, which means that as soon as a user clicks the 'post' b...

What Is A SAN

What Is A SAN?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for a storage area network, a SAN is a type of network that connects storage devices to each other. Each computer in the....

What Is A Network

What Is A Network?

Difficulty: Easy

A network is a collection of two or more devices that can communicate with each other by physical or wireless connections in or...

What Is A Protocol

What Is A Protocol?

Difficulty: Medium

A protocol is a set of rules that determine how electronic devices communicate with each other and transfer data. In a similar....

What Is SNMP

What Is SNMP?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for Simple Network Management Protocol, SNMP is a component of the Internet Protocol Suite used for monitoring, organisin...

What Is RSVP

What Is RSVP?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for resource reservation protocol, RSVP is a transport layer protocol used for reserving network resources in order to ge...

What Is The Hosts File

What Is The Hosts File?

Difficulty: Medium

The hosts file is a text file stored on a local computer that translates domain names to IP addresses. On Windows, the hosts fi...

What Is Localhost

What Is Localhost?

Difficulty: Medium

Localhost refers to one's own computer or the current device. It is the default name used for having a local server on one's ...

What Is A MAC Address

What Is A MAC Address?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for a Media Access Control Address, a MAC address is a hardware identification number that allows each device on a networ...

What Is IPsec

What Is IPsec?

Difficulty: Advanced

Short for internet protocol security, IPsec is a network protocol suite used for enabling encrypted connections and secure comm...

What Is Cat 5e

What Is Cat 5e?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Category 5 Enhanced, Cat 5e is a type of Ethernet cable standard that is a newer version of Cat 5. Even though it has...

What Is Cat 5

What Is Cat 5?

Difficulty: Medium

Short for Category 5, Cat 5 is a type of Ethernet cable that supports data transfer speeds of up to 100 Mb/s and is made up of....

What Is Network Address Translation

What Is Network Address Translation?

Difficulty: Advanced

Network address translation, often shortened to NAT, is a process that was developed by Cisco that translates the IP addresses....