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On 3rd October 2023, this website reached 800 articles. The 800th article is about what would happen if the internet stopped working.

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It was the first anniversary of this website on 10th January 2023. It has been celebrated by the 500th article, which contains the steps of making a website and making it public.

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On 27th March 2023, this website reached 600 articles. The 600th article is about the top 20 most common mistakes people make when using computers.

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What Is System Software

What Is System Software?

Difficulty: Medium

System software is the most important type of software installed on a computer that directly controls the hardware and provides an environment or platform for all the other types of software to work in.

What Is Application Software

What Is Application Software?

Difficulty: Medium

Application software is a type of software designed to fulfil a specific need or perform specific tasks other than one relating to the operation or maintenance of a computer.

What Is Big Data

What Is Big Data?

Difficulty: Medium

Big data is a digital technology which allows businesses to collect and combine data from multiple sources.

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