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15 More Strange Websites On The Internet

15 More Strange Websites On The Internet

Difficulty: Easy

There are quite a few strange and intriguing websites on the internet that keep drawing people in. Although some of them may serve a purpose, they often lack practical use.

How To Spot A Romance Scammer Online

How To Spot A Romance Scammer Online?

Difficulty: Easy

Romance scammers trick you into giving away money or your personal details by trying to establish a bond with you quickly and pretending to have a deep connection with you.

Top 15 Strange Websites On The Internet

Top 15 Strange Websites On The Internet

Difficulty: Easy

Strange websites stand out by having a design or certain elements that not many other websites have.

How To Learn More About Computers?

Top 13 Most Useful Websites Everyone Should Know

Difficulty: Easy

With some research, it is possible to find some useful websites that can make your online life much easier and offer you a lot of benefits.

How To Learn More About Computers?

How To Learn More About Computers?

Difficulty: Easy

Over the years, usage of computer technology has grown a lot and the world has become more reliant on it.

What Is An Ads.txt File

What Is An Ads.txt File?

Difficulty: Medium

Stands for Authorised Digital Sellers. An ads.txt file is a text file hosted on the root directory of a website that publishers use to...

What Is Mixed Reality

What Is Mixed Reality?

Difficulty: Medium

Mixed reality combines elements of virtual reality and augmented reality. It blends both the physical world and computer-generated elements, which can be interacted with.

What Is A Process

What Is A Process?

Difficulty: Medium

A process is an instance of a program being run on a computer. Each time a program is actively run by the CPU, a process is started.

What Is A Bad Neighbourhood

What Is A Bad Neighbourhood?

Difficulty: Medium

In SEO, bad neighbourhoods are groups of websites that have violated the guidelines of search engines and have a poor reputation.

What Is Multitasking

What Is Multitasking?

Difficulty: Medium

Multitasking is the process of having a computer run multiple applications or processes at once. It is controlled by the operating system.

What Is A Software Token

What Is A Software Token?

Difficulty: Medium

A software token, also known as a soft token, is a security token in the form of an application running on a device.

What Is A Hardware Token

What Is A Hardware Token?

Difficulty: Medium

A hardware token, also known as a hard token, is a portable security device used to authenticate a user in a multi-factor authentication system.

What Is Power Cycling

What Is Power Cycling?

Difficulty: Medium

Power cycling is the process of turning a device off and on again. It is a troubleshooting step used to fix a frozen or malfunctioning device.

What Is Foistware

What Is Foistware?

Difficulty: Medium

Foistware describes software that is installed without the user's knowledge or consent, most commonly toolbars, browser extensions, and system utilities.

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